Playmaker to Steve Young -"you guys cheated..."

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by odog422, Sep 8, 2005.

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    In spite of this being a loss, it was one of the best games I've ever seen Aikman play.

    We had no RT for the entire game as Larry Allen basically played on one leg...

    We gave up those three quickie TDs...

    Switzer coached like a moron...three passes at the end of the first half while in SF territory...the ball went back to the 49ers who then threw a long TD to Jerry Rice who ran against single coverage on the play.

    And yet, we were still in the game.

    All Aikman did was continually pick himself up out of the mud and slop...
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    It was 38-28.

    If that pass interference was called as it should have been, we would have been within the five yard line or so, and most likely would have scored a TD, making the score 38-35 with almost eight (I think) minutes to go in the 4th quarter.

    Would've, should've, could've. That 49ers SB title is an asterisk championship in my mind, and will always be one. They cheated and got away with it.
  3. Rack Bauer

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    If I were in Switzer's shoes when that non-call occured, it would of been much worse then a "bump" to the ref.

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    GOD THAT WAS ONE OF THE WORST CALLS EVER>..still upsets me to this day
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    me too. I hate arrogant SF fans. It really get's at me when an SF fan accuses me of living in the past.
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    That was also the season they circumvented the salary cap.
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    I'm sitting here staring at that picture and I cannot stop. I will never in my life forget that moment or that game. I miss the Dallas Cowboys of that era and they will forever in my mind be the greatest football squad to ever GRACE a field.
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    they were damn good!
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    don't be to sure he was joking. I remember that game as im sure many of you do! if not for that PI no-call on deon against irvin for a touch down (if not for spotting them 21 point lead and having to play catch up - a fumble by emmitt) we still had our chances. and didn't emmitt play on two pulled hammies. please lets not take anything away from what the 49er's did but irvin knows they should have still won that game and that has to him and the other cowboys to this day.
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    i did forget about that and great pic's man!!!! (BARRY-we did have to over come him all year)
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    All that mugging and he still damn near caught it.

    #### me running. :banghead:

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