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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by cowboyblue31, Sep 20, 2012.

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    My PlayStation 3 died last Saturday.

    It started out of nowhere, it would take games, blu-rays or DVDs, but It wouldn't read them! Just made this really weird noise, and eject the disk back out.

    Odd thing though, the very first time it did this, a DVD I had rented from Redbox, it scratched it, and left a perfect circle scratch around the DVD.

    I was headed out the door to get a new one when the wife reminded me she had purchased the extended warranty at Wal-Mart when she purchased it back in Dec. of 2009.

    I called warranty logistics, and sure enough, they told me to send it in. My warranty (two year) started a year after the original warranty was up(one year). I was lucky. Wasn't ready to drop $250 on a new system.

    I guess my question is guys and gals, have any of you here ever dealt with this company? They sent my packing slip that same day, I sent it out Monday, and they sent me an email stating they received it today, and are already working on it.

    I googled the company for some info, and a lot of folks have had pretty bad experiences with them. Here is hoping I don't, I just want it fixed, and hopefully back sometime next week in time for me and my son to watch the Avengers!
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    I don't have a PS3 but I had to send my Xbox 360 in a few years ago for the Red Ring of Death and they shipped me a new system in about 10 days.

    Just as you described with your PS3, they sent me a box so that I could mail my system to them and in roughly 10 days I received a brand new 360.

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