Please give me reason for hope

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by john van brocklin, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. john van brocklin

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    I know there are posters out there who feel positive about the direction of our team.
    I feel very bummed out by our future and don't feel good about it at all.
    We have basicly treaded water for the last 3 years, while out core of veteran players has aged.
    Ware looks done
    Witten is productive , yet slowing down
    Romo is a huge question mark due to age and injury.
    Jerry seems happy with the status quo.
    Our cap situation is tight.
    Garrett seems to have brought in a better culture, but has issues with game stratagy and clock management.
    I still enjoy watching the games, but would like to feel hopeful about
    the teams direction for the future.
    Does anyone out there feel our arrow is pointing up ?
    If so, please share the reasons for your optimism.

    Thanks, John
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  2. Risen Star

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    Jerry is 71 years old.
  3. Fredd

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    My arrow is currently resting, neither pointing up nor down...I feel if they make the correct decisions in the coaching staff (and that might be to NOT make a change) and they can stay healthy, then there is certainly reason for hope...this team can win despite the GM screwing the pooch at every turn. 13 more points in 5 of our losses and the team is resting this week waiting to take on the winner of a wild care game...

    ....I am really hopeful for a solid draft and there is reason to feel that way as they seem to be improving of late

    A few good decisions and I think the arrow starts to point up, despite the owner
  4. Hoov

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  5. foofighters

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    but then Jr takes over and who's to say things will change? He probably thinks just like daddy.
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  6. Vanilla2

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    Should be able to make a good selection @ 16 or 17.
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  7. DragonCowboy

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    I think he's got quite a few years left, though.
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  8. dexternjack

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    Depends if his liver is on par with that 40-year old brain :cool:
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  9. Boyzmamacita

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    :(:(:(:(:( It has to get better.
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  10. WoodysGirl

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    Not sure anyone really feels positive about the direction of the team.

    I'd say depending your perspective, hope can come in the form of this possibly being JG's last year, because of yet another playoff miss or that JG turns it around and gets an extension.

    Kinda up to you how you want to view it.
  11. Chocolate Lab

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    I'm with you. The last several years I've thought we were about a 10-6 team. Not great, but a playoff worthy team who could make a little run if it got hot at the right time and got some breaks.

    Now, I don't see a lot of hope. We shouldn't be a bad team, but I don't see things improving. We should have made hay the last few years when the division was down, and we didn't do it. It's like when your team is playing a favorite and the favorite is asleep for the first half and the breaks go your way, but you fail to take advantage and just kick field goals in the red zone. You usually end up losing that game.

    That's how I feel this Cowboys team is going. Eventually this division is going to wake up and cycle back to strength and we're going to see what a missed opportunity these years were.

    As WG said... Maybe the only real positive is that this could be JG's last year. Then we'd at least have a chance for something fresh. The trend in today's NFL is for the team to perk up its first year with a new head coach. Problem is, Romo's prime will about be over by the time Jerry wakes up and gets someone else in here.
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  12. RS12

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    Wish I could but the two moves that needed to be made were'nt. That being GM and new coaching staff. Add an an aging core and a 34 Y/O QB coming of back surgery that has a cap crippling 55 mill coming too, not particularly optimistic. One thing that would give me hope for the future would be the drafting of a franchise QB. That would give me something to look forward too personally and hope going forward.
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  13. TonyRomo17

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    the offense is the only hope for 2014, if the defense is average and the offense stays the same or improves we will be a playoff team
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  14. Risen Star

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    My current hope is as Jerry enters the final years of his life he gets desperate. Desperate like he got with Parcells in order to fund his stadium. I'm not under any illusion that he's going to hire a GM but he could step back and let a real coach take over as he did with Bill. He may even get desperate enough to bring in a personnel "advisor" or whatever title they want to give him to protect the owner's Texas-sized ego.

    I think there's at least a chance this could happen. So that's my hope. I know the current state of the team isn't going anywhere. You might as well start taking about the 2015 Draft.
  15. Alexander

    Alexander What's it going to be then, eh?

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    Well, the team "battles". Good enough?

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  16. foofighters

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    yep, at best for next year, we could be a little better than 8-8 with a solid draft but I still don't see us in the playoffs next year and even if we do squeak in, it's one and done. JG and the Jones boys needs to be out of the Valley Ranch in order for our team to make a serious run in the playoffs.
  17. 50cent

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    Brian Waters changed the mentality of a solid young offensive line and now we can depend on the legs of Murray and that Oline just as much as we can with Romo's arm. There are no more excuses not to commit to the run and utilize a balanced attack. If we don't balance things out, you can look forward to Garrett being gone. I know I'll be looking forward to him being gone if I see one game with 40+ passes and less than 15 runs in a one score game. That should prove he's stuck on stupid and needs to go coach NCAA.
  18. Corso

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    I agree with you.
    He just may do that in his late 90's when he's permanently connected to a colostomy bag and has to get dialysis on a weekly basis and he's having nightly conversations with Theorello Laguardia from his pillow.
    But even then he may not.
  19. jobberone

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    Ok, that was funny in a slightly macabre way. :)
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  20. Toruk_Makto

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    Not sure Eagles, Chargers or Chiefs fans felt much "hope" last year. Whereas i'm sure the Redskins felt a lot of it.

    This is the National Football League.

    Enjoy the playoffs knowing that it could be us next year.

    Enjoy the offseason. Go outside and do some things. Stay inside and do some things if you're in Minnesota and it's 60 below.

    Just for the love of God don't sit around depressed.

    If you need something specific....I heard that they implanted adamantium into Romo's back.

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