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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by neosapien23, Oct 29, 2012.

  1. neosapien23

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    Please draft Chance Warmack and his teammate Barrett Jones in the first and second round. The Oline is terrible and I would like to see a massive imrovement. Even if Costa beats out Jones, He could play guard as well and would provide great insurance in case a guard or center goes down. Warmack would be an instant upgrade over Bernadeu and I envision him destroying the man in front of him on running plays. When Livings retires, Jones could easily take his spot.
  2. Gaede

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    We need a RT way more than we need a guard or a center.

    Free was literally whooped all game long. He's allowing pressure consistently. Teams attack that right side of the line with just a 3 or 4 man front and break through all day.
  3. Bigdog

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    Jones will not last to the 2nd round. I like him. From what I read and hear, he is a very intelligent player who likes to sit in on the qb meetings to learn all he can.
  4. Kangaroo

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    I want Joekel from A&M to pair with smith

    Hey one can dream can he not
  5. supercowboy8

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    This draft is loaded at OG, why draft Warmack in the first, I would rather get Jones and then go after a OG in the 2nd like Dallas Thomas, Cooper, or another top OG. Yes free needs to be replaced but no way you can replace them all in one draft, also we need help on the defense.
  6. Oh_Canada

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    One lineman in the first two round is more than plenty. Another pass rusher would make the defense dominant.
  7. jnday

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    I expect an OLB with the first pick, but they could spend three picks on OL and still come up one short.
  8. neosapien23

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    I didn't realize Jones was being talked about being a possible first rounder. I figured with Holmes being the top rated center he would last till the 2nd round. If Peter Konz can last till the 2nd maybe Jones will too. I do agree if he is slotted to go in the first you take him as he can play multiple positions and draft a guard later.
  9. xwalker

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    I think that all of those Alabama players will get drafted about 1/2 round too high.

    Jones: (projected 1st round)
    Position versatile, very intelligent, great instincts and work ethic. Leader.

    Average size and strength and very average athleticism. Arm length rumored to be too short to project to OT in the NFL.

    Warmack: (projected top 20)
    Dominant straight ahead run blocker.

    Has had some trouble in pass protection when facing quick DLinemen. I don't know if he is quick enough to fit in a Zone Blocking Scheme like Callahan wants to implement.

    Fluker: (2nd round)
    Very big and strong. Can dominate in straight ahead run blocking.

    Very slow feet. I don't see him playing OT in the NFL unless he drops about 10 to 15 lbs.

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