Poe at #14?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Verdict, Apr 19, 2012.

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    I know that the Cowboys 2012 draft flavor of the week is rumored to be Barron at #14. I just cant see Barron being selected that high, despite the fact that we could probably use him and he might start for us this year. I think the only way that we select Barron is in a trade down, which, of course is possible.

    I think the Cowboys signed the two guards in FA with the intention of not drafting DeCastro, either because they think he will be long gone by their pick, or they want someone worse than DeCastro at #14. If they think that someone will be there at #14 (who they think is more coveted than DeCastro) then who could that possibly be?

    I have a feeling that the Cowboys might surprise everyone and take Poe. He could be as dominating at his position and as much as a difference maker as DeMarcus Ware is at OLB. I think the analysis of Poe is similar to it was when Ware was drafted, with the exception that Ware's intensity was never in question, like Poe's has been.

    If you are Rob Ryan, I can't see wanting ANY player on the defensive side of the ball for his defense more than Poe. If we pass on DeCastro, I can't see it being for any player other than Poe.
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    I dont understand why taking Barron at 14 is a reach? Some think he is a top 10 talent. Most think he will go where Dallas picks.

    Concerning Poe.....I really hope we get Cox instead if we have a chance.

    Like a analyst said the other day......You need to look at film of a player going against top players and not future accountants and lawyers.

    Poe underachieved......that will scare teams off.

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    Say no to Poe. I don't want anyone that requires motivation to be a great football player. He has all the tools but why didn't it show on tape? No thanks!
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    Another Poe thread?

    Mark Barron will be the pick. Either at #14 or higher, if we need to move ahead of someone.

    It is high team we spend premium resources to address the Safety position. Do you really want Brodney Pool as your starter opposite of Sensabaugh this year?

    I'd like to for once have a solid defensive backfield. An extra second or half-second might help our aging defensive front get to the QB.
  5. theogt

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    14th pick in the 2nd round, sure.
  6. Bowdown27

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    If we don't take him at 14 the eagles will take him at 15. But if the rumors are true about alot of teams wanting Barron I can see us jump up a couple spots to secure him
  7. casmith07

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    Glad to see you around, theogt. It's been a while.
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    Demarcus Ware finished with 27.5 sacks (ranked 2nd in school history) and helped lead his team to a first ever bowl appearance. Poe finished with 4 sacks and helped lead his team to a 5-31 record over 3 seasons. Great comparison if all you mean is they faced lower competition.
  9. Romo2Bryant4Six

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    I hope it's Barron or cox
  10. Canadian BoyzFan

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    For all the Poe haters......a simple question.
    Have you seen him play, or watched any highlights of him? If so please post your observations. I don't think most people hae any idea what they are even talking about.

    They heard a sound byte about a Workout warrior and rumors of some bad tape and made a snap judgement.

    I'm not advocating taking him at 14. However, I probably like him a whole lot better then most.
  11. theogt

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    ??? I've been posting too much lately. :)

    My first quarter was ridiculous, so I was posting light then. Killed myself at work.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    Archer said today on 103 that he doesn't think we like Poe.

    The other host was saying what a terrible pick Poe would be, and Archer said (paraphrasing), "From what I'm hearing, you don't have to worry about that."
  13. dallasfaniac

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    It might be easier for you to post your observations of his good plays, lol.

    Yes I have watched videos on him. I was expecting a guy constantly double-teamed to account for his lack of statistics but that just wasn't the case. Didn't feel like hunting down more videos and the fact that many are cooling on him just validates the tape.
  14. RS12

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    After Memphis defensive tackle Dontari Poe’s stunning performance at the Scouting Combine, there was talk that he could be a Top 5 pick. Then everyone remembered that football isn’t played in shorts and a T-shirt, and that defensive tackles aren’t asked to run 40 yards in a straight line, jump as far as they can or lift 225 pounds straight above their bodies, and Poe has settled in as a prospect who looks like he’ll go somewhere in the middle or late first round. And maybe as far down as No. 24, to the Steelers.

    Poe visited the Steelers on Wednesday, and he’s being discussed in Pittsburgh as a potential replacement to their longtime starting nose tackle, Casey Hampton.

    Although Hampton remained with the Steelers after he agreed to restructure his contract and clear more than $3 million in cap space, he doesn’t have much time left in Pittsburgh. Hampton is 34 years old and probably won’t be ready to start the season after undergoing ACL surgery.

    The Steelers would love to acquire an enormous young nose tackle to serve as Hampton’s heir apparent, and the 6-foot-4, 346-pound Poe may be just the man for the job. Some scouts have said they’re not impressed with Poe’s motor or his production in college, but it’s impossible to overlook his talent. If the Steelers can draft him and develop him, they may have a future Pro Bowl nose tackle on the way in just as their Pro Bowl nose tackle of the past is on the way out.

  15. casmith07

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    I suppose that's what I meant.

    As a fellow DB fan I'd be interested to see your thoughts on Barron.
  16. Risen Star

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    I'd rather have Pool than Sensabaugh.
  17. Bowltime26

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  18. CowboysYanksLakers

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    No thanks... I'm actually hoping for either Barron or Coples

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