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Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Heisenberg, Sep 29, 2008.

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    Looks like Berger just broke wind.:laugh2:
  2. MetalHead

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    Two Cowards?
  3. Phrozen Phil

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    Call them communists if you want, but calling them cowards is simply not accurate. Che Guevara was a true idealist and was a man of conviction. I don't share his convictions, but he was no coward.
  4. trickblue

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    Che Guevara was no coward in the classic sense, but he was a murderer of families and children...

    We can have our political differences, but please don't glorify this piece of ****...
  5. masomenos

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    Guevara is a very interesting figure. I think that his ideology consumed him so much that he was willing to sacrifice morality. At points in his life he was a great man, at others he was a despicable character (like you said, a murderer), but coward isn't the right word for him. Cowards don't say, before they die, "I know you have come to kill me. Shoot coward, you are only going to kill a man." Again, I think that serves as evidence that he let his ideology completely consume him. I do think it's ironic that he's on t-shirts now though, most often worn by those who know nothing about him other than that he was a "revolutionary" with a wispy beard.

    As a sidenote, I love the film about his early life "The Motorcycle Diaries". It's a very interesting portrait of a young idealist traveling his continent with his best friend...really, isn't that something we've all dreamt of? It's all subtitled but I'd encourage you to check it out if you haven't seen it.
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    Thats Orphan Ann not Tokyo Rose ;)
  7. trickblue

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    Very well said...

    I haven't seen Mortorcycle Diaries although it's on my list. He is very interesting but **** nonetheless...

    I actually have that famous portrait on a shirt... stamped across it is the word "Muerta". The wife cracks up about it at home, but she cringes when I wear it out. We'll have to see how well it goes over in Austin... :D
  8. MetalHead

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    He was a coward of the highest order...a thug.
    "don't kill me...I'm worth more to you alive than dead"

    Ernesto Guevara upon capture,Oct. 1967.
    Does not sound like a warrior to me.

    Go look for the real Che Guevara and educate yourself.
    Maimon-Estero Hondo in 1959 in the north coast of Dominican Republic.
    Che is one of the cowards personally responsible for the death of one of my relatives.
    So do not tell me he was no coward.
    Find out more before posting non sense like that.
  9. MetalHead

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    we need to hang out sometime.
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    You need to get it.
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    I totally disagree. I'm 69 years old and retired and drawing SS and it has been worth every dime I put into it. When you're my age you will see things differently.

    It may not be luxury but I know many people who would have nothing if it weren't for SS and many would have starved long ago. Wealthy people may turn their noses up at it but to people of moderate means, it's a Godsend.

    I would suggest that you not depend on just SS but to send other assets ahead like getting a place in the country and having some cash and stocks, bonds, etc. Of course if inflation makes your money worthless and the market fails, (obviously it can) then your place in the country and your SS will be very important to your survival.

    In these days of consumerism, not many people are saving for the future and today's prosperity can disappear faster than you might think. After you turn 50 it is very difficult to be able to find any kind of meaningful employment and your savings can erode really fast and may be gone completely even before you get to retirement age.

    Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it. Is there anything worse than being old and homeless and starving?

    Funny but Bush's idea of replacing SS with investments in stocks doesn't look as good today as it did a few years ago. We have lost thousands of dollars of value in our stocks in just the last month or so; how are your stocks doing?

    Many people spend thousands of dollars on sports paraphenalia. I wonder what the value of that will be if this economy continues to sour? I have invested in gold, diamonds, jewelry, etc. that has a much better chance of being useful to survival in hard times. Think about it, it's your future.

    Good luck to you.
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    ZB9 that is cool pics
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    Have you seen me lately?
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    Coffin with wheels.
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    2008 The Internet is Porn.
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    27 April, 1994 shows US President Bill Clinton (L) and First Lady Hillary Clinton (2nd L) being joined by four former US presidents and their wives during former president Richard Nixon's funeral in Yorba Linda, California. Pictured L to R are Clinton and his wife, former president George Bush and Barbara Bush, former president Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, former president Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter and former president Jerry Ford and Betty Ford.

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