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    Just recently Bill Parcels made a statement on the practice field that was construed as questionable or un-politcally correct. What if the NFL decided to change the names of all NFL teams making them "politically correct?"

    NFL (Politically correct) Team Names

    Original Name
    Modified Names
    Washington Redskins
    Washington Skins
    Washington Americans

    Dallas Cowboys
    Dallas Cattle-Technicians
    Dallas Westerners

    New York Giants
    New York Big Apples
    New York Broadway

    Philadelphia Eagles
    Philadelphia Birds of Prey
    Philadelphia Eastern Champions (I'm biased) :D

    What is your political list of NFL team names?

    Mods - just having some clean fun :rolleyes:
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    Here are more politically correct NFL Team names

    baltimore rats with wings

    san francisco 48+1ers

    san diego debtors

    st louis lambs

    new england country lovers

    cleveland blah

    cincinatti asian tigers

    pittsburgh heavy metalers

    minnesota old fat men on boats

    detroit lions

    green bay stuffers

    chicago bears

    seattle birds of the sea

    arizona red birds

    oakland invaders

    kansas city captains

    denver male horses

    houston trash

    indiannapolis baby horses

    tenessee greek gods

    jacksonville big cats

    dallas westerners

    washington native americans

    new york big men

    philadelphia birds of prey

    new york fast planes

    miami porpoises

    buffalo bison

    tampa bay pirates

    atlanta dirty birds

    new orleans blessed souls

    carolina big cats

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