Poll: Obama cutting into Clinton's lead in Ohio

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    Democratic presidential contender Sen. Hillary Clinton has held a running start over Sen. Barack Obama in Ohio for months, but a new poll seems to tell the same story that has played out in many recent primaries.

    A Quinnipiac University Poll indicates Clinton's lead over her opponent has slipped ahead of Ohio's March 4 primary to 51 percent to Obama's 40 percent. Less than two weeks before, Clinton was favored 55 percent to Obama's 34 percent.

    The poll, which surveyed 1,853 registered Ohio voters from Feb. 18-23, shows a particular erosion of support for Clinton among college-educated voters, who favored the candidate 46 percent to Obama's 41 percent earlier in the month. That sector of voters now favors Obama 58 percent to Clinton's 33 percent.

    "Sen. Clinton's lead remains substantial, but the trend line should be worrisome for her in a state that even her husband ... has said she must win," Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac's polling institute, said in a release. "A week is an awful long time in politics to be playing defense."

    Another poll released Monday, by Dallas-Fort Worth-based Decision Analyst Inc., indicates Clinton's lead has altogether vanished. The poll, which surveyed 735 voters Feb. 21 and 22, found Obama would win Ohio's primary with 54 percent, versus Clinton's 46 percent.

    Quinnipiac's Brown said that while Clinton's advantage is shaky, one thing still in her favor is voters' perceptions. While 17 percent of voters said they had an unfavorable opinion of Clinton, 76 percent said their view was favorable. Obama's favorability is weaker at 64 percent, versus 16 percent unfavorable.


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    The Fat lady is about to sing, I almost feel sorry for the _____, NOT!
    Poor Bill, must be really depressed, well at least we won't end up paying to clean the carpet in the Oval office again.
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    Bottom line. People want a fresh start. Be that McCain or Obama.

    People want some sort of freshness in the white house. It's been a long time coming.

    I can live with it.

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