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Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by aria, Aug 13, 2017 at 8:10 AM.

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    Instead of some people veiling their excuses for Zeke in other threads I figured we could just lump them all into one. It's clear that Zeke has deserved none of this. People over reacted when he walked into a weed store and sent messages about beating drug tests. He was nothing but an innocent bystander when some guy (who miraculously disappeared along with every witness and video footage) got knocked out by a mysterious fist that happened to come from an unknown source that happened to be standing right behind Zeke. He was also framed by a girl who is known to lie, nevermind the fact that Zeke has lied several times. He publicly threw his head coach under the bus in college when his team lost and he exposed a woman's breast in public.

    Zeke is clearly a model NFL player and deserves none of this negative attention. If it weren't for John Mara we wouldn't even be talking about this right now and the Drama Zone would be non existent. I think we should all boycott the NFL until poor, innocent victims like Zeke stop being persecuted under the puppet master John Mara. Fair or not, let's continue to come up with reasons and excuses why Zeke shouldn't be held responsible for his actions and why Jerry should continue to employ and knowingly hire players with "character" issues so we can cry and whine about the suspensions when they are handed out.

    BTW, we'll be just fine without Zeke.
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    Zeus is not innocent here. Something happened with that girl. Not sure we really want to know what.
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    Yep, guilty until proven innocent by subjective terms.

    Dealth penalty I say.
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    I have no idea wether anything happened with that girl or not. It's entirely possible he's 100% the victim in this case. And I think that's more likely than the idea that she's 100% the victim.

    The going into a pot dispensary is a complete non-issue. As is the bar fight where there's no credible evidence he was in any way involved.

    His biggest issue ought to have been the exposing of the girl's breast, which is a low-class act and an embarrassment to the league, for sure.

    He does need to learn to handle himself, though, or it's going to be a short career. Right now, I do think he's getting screwed by the league and that Cowboys fans ought to be angry about how Goodall went about it. I also think the 'leaking' of the league's letter to Elliott was low-class if it came from the NFL. I can't imagine why Elliott's side would want it circulating, can you?
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    4th overall pick
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    There wont be a second contract from the Cowboys
  7. aria

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    Highly doubtful. Since when has Jerry ever turned away from employing a player with known character issues, especially someone with Zeke's talent? Not only does he not shy away from them, he seeks them out trying to get a "discount".

    Honestly, as pessimistic as I am and as dumb as Zeke is, I'm still relatively confident he will clean up his act prior to his contract deadline.
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    I'm just going to say this....Were there any reports of domestic violence about Greg Hardy before or after said female. I am going to take this one huge step further. Look at how the world loves and views HALLE BERRY.....Look at all the men of different races, no doubt, that the media has shined a negative light upon (John Ronan, David Justice, Eric Bennet, Gabriel Aubry and Oliver Martinez). All these men received a "bad rap" after dating or marrying this woman....BUT we have not heard anything from any other woman of their so called abusive behaviors BEFORE OR AFTER. What happened with that girl is she got DUMPED and she is not stupid and knows how the certain factions of the world view Black Males and Black Athletes.
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    Hardy had a very troubling reputation in college, so much so that his first-round talent dropped to the 6th round. Domestic violence is getting more attention these days because it's on the rise. Broken homes and non-existent parenting is failing to teach young men the old adage that "you never put a hand on a woman." Goodell knows that football is huge with men, so he wants to build viewership through women and oversees. He's botched so many of these cases, he now over-compensating and making things even worse.

    In general, the NFL overreacts these days to anything that hurts the brand or threatens the future of the game. That's understandable, but common sense is getting lost in the fray. We live in such an charged-up society these days, with a media that isn't the least bit interested in the truth any more....only what drives ratings.

    You're right about Halle Berry. (But, man, is she fine.) Hot, crazy women make many men lose their sense of logic, and once you're in those hooks, it's hard to get out.

    Then again, Zeke is a crazy diva himself, so this was probably a volatile cocktail from the beginning.

    The NFL and Zeke need to take a breath. The entire United States needs one big, deep breath.
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    Zeke is headed straight on for a Josh Gordon career. Hopefully, he sees this, and hopefully he's able to put the bottle down and grow up.
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    I don't know of any of Hardy infractions while in college,(didn't really care about him until he became a Cowboy). Not to play the race card, but Rednecks get a bad rap....Hardy being a black "Redneck" well that just made people think he was super weird.
  12. erod

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    Lol, rednecks do get a bad rap. Most are some of the nicest folks that just love to feed you up and do whatever favor they can think of for you.

    Hardy literally had his coaches and teammates afraid of him in college. Shows every symptom of bipolarity. We saw it on the sideline a few times. He just snaps.
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    Hell to the yeah!

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