Pope finally passes

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CanadaBoys, Apr 2, 2005.

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    it was pretty much inevitable... the guy hung on a lot longer than i ever thought he would.

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  4. CanadaBoys

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    The Vatican's chamberlain, now Cardinal Eduardo Martinez Somalo of Spain, verifies the papal death -- which in the past was done by striking the pope's forehead with a silver hammer. The chamberlain, or camerlengo, then calls out to the pope three times by his baptismal name. When the pope does not respond, the camerlengo then announces "the pope is dead."

  5. WoodysGirl

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    Is that true??? Wow, that definitely confirms whether he's dead, but dang..
    Whatever happened to simply checking his pulse? I'm not catholic, but I hesitate to believe they still do that. Seems too medieval. Gonna call some friends and confirm.
  6. CanadaBoys

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    It does say IN THE PAST.... I assune they mean it's not done anymore... but still... I wonder how many pope's weren't quite dead until someone SLAMMED THEM ON THE HEAD WITH A HAMMER!!!!
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    Sounds reasonable considering the papacy came to power during the dark ages, when communication and medical technology was at its lowest point ever...

    Everyone has heard the story of the graveyard shift, and the little bells they had put in next to freshly dug graves right?

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