Poppinga vs Vickers

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CATCH17, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Not really. He is a fullback on his 3rd team in 3 years in a passing offense.
  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    Jason Garrett obviously learned more from Wade Phillips than any of us thought.
  3. Chocolate Lab

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    I get that you do need some crazy guys, and especially this team, but you can't go full contact when nobody else is. There's a time and place for everything and this wasn't it. You can't be blowing people up when your teammates aren't expecting it. It's that way even in high school.

    As far as Poppinga goes, didn't we choose Guyton over him when we were looking for someone to sign? And we cut Guyton like a day later. So I don't expect much out of this guy. Probably just on special teams where that wild man attitude really works.
  4. Oh_Canada

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    I wish this story read that Vickers got up and drilled Poppinga, but of course that would be considered a physical altercation which is foreign to this team. The makeup of the club is so flippin' soft and emotionless it's sickening.
  5. theebs

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    Yes vickers is battling a knee injury. He almost didn't play in the browns game or the skins game. He stepped up because Te team is thin at rb. Tat s why he was out there in a bunch if third downs.

    So having a guy off the street hit him when he is not expecting it in practice is more about poppinga being often reservation than who is tough or not.

    And for The record, popping a was a guy in 08 when we played at gb who laughed at Marion barber, him and Barnett were joking about him being called the barbarian.

    Poppinga spent most of the night on his back and barber had a good game with a bunch of physical runs.

    So congrats to us, he is on our roster now.
  6. Zordon

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    Dez is crazy too...well he was until everyone made a big fret about it. now he's mellowed into the country club rkg atmosphere.
  7. Bill Wooten

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    Can't believe it took 36 posts before we got this gem.

    Next thing you know we'll be talking about playoffs.
  8. RoyTheHammer

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    If Vickers is injured.. he shouldn't be practicing.

    If he's banged up.. contratulations.. so is everyone else in the league right now. Welcome to football.

    Bottom line is, everyone is saying "oh you can't go full speed when no one else is"

    ..who's to say this is a portion of practice where they weren't going full contact or full speed? No one has that information, so to say guys weren't supposed to be going full ahead is incorrect. Furthermore, they were in pads, they were hitting.. i'd only assume it was supposed to be full contact.

    Any way you look at it.. when a guy puts a solid, clean hit on you, especially as a fullback, and you say, "We don't practice that way", and get all upset about it.. it looks pretty bad on you.
  9. Deep_Freeze

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    Probably the worse thing about the team at this time in my mind, its like they are a bunch of tin men with no heart. Noone with any attitude, just a bunch of choir boys and boy scouts who know how to lose gracefully.

    Problem is Jerry is really the only person they will listen to when it comes to their jobs, and all he usually does is kiss their hind parts. Its just really a sad situation.
  10. rkell87

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  11. BAZ

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    Batman better show something sunday, otherwise he is just another moronic mouthpiece.
  12. gimmesix

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    From nfl.com:

    Not saying this was necessarily one with limited contact, but that appears to be the case.

    Again, as much as I like seeing a guy have "one speed" when it comes to hitting, the NFL simply doesn't condone it anymore on a regular basis.
  13. RoyTheHammer

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    They were in pads.. it was a full contact practice. There isn't full contact and limited contact padded practices.

    There are practices in pads.. 14 during the season allowed.. and practices with no pads.
  14. gimmesix

    gimmesix Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life

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    I get what you're saying, but full pads does not mean full contact. That's strictly up to the coaches, who can dial back the amount of hitting based on what they want to get accomplished, injuries, etc.

    The OP said the team wasn't practicing full speed. If they are not practicing full speed, then the contact is limited at least at that point in practice.
  15. BIGDen

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    Almost made me spit out my coffee! That was funny. Thanks for starting my day off with a good laugh.
  16. rags747

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    Yes add Dez to the crazy list on the current team. Maybe next year he will have enough respect to actually take on the roll of an Irvin.
  17. BraveHeartFan

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    I like Popp even more now.

    I agree with him. I never bought into that half speed BS when I was playing football either. You always played football one way.

    All out.
  18. silver

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    playoffs? are you kidding me?
  19. silver

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    I remember a guy who used to practice hard:

  20. RoyTheHammer

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    Full pads should absolutely mean full contact. For ******'s sake you only get one practice in pads a week now.. now even that after week 11. If you arn't going full speed, full contact in that practice there's something wrong with your team.

    Guess we know where our lack of physicality comes from now.

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