Portis' Gimpy Groin

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Danny White, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Wasn't it a groin injury that sidelined him last year?

    Portis Misses Practice With Groin Soreness
    By Jason La Canfora
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Friday, August 6, 2004; Page D10

    Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis did not participate in yesterday's practice because of soreness in his groin, but the injury is not considered serious, and the player said he expects to return to the field today. Portis has shown explosiveness throughout the first week of training camp, and his health and production are expected to be vital to the team's success this season.

    "Everything is alright; you'll see me tomorrow," Portis said after yesterday's practice, which lasted more than two hours. "I think everybody is sore just from getting back into the swing of things. That's the only problem; there ain't nothing else wrong, It's just soreness. I ain't got no injuries, ain't nothing wrong."

    Coach Joe Gibbs said Portis is one of three players to suffer minor groin ailments in recent days, something that is common early in camp.

    "We're just trying to be careful," Gibbs said.
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    Do we take him at his word with this or just assume that he got the typical Miami education and doesn't know what a double negative is.
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    Portis has missed time both his first 2 seasons, but he's also rushed for 1500+ each one. He's a scary dude, though I think you'll see him drop off to around 1300 now that he isn't in an Alex Gibbs system.

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