Position Coach title v. Responsiblity

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Erik_H, Feb 7, 2013.

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    We've pretty much finished of our revamping of our coaching staff (aside from RB coach).

    Find it an interesting mix of youth an experience, but this mix looks like there might be a mismatch between the title the person holds and what their actual duties will be in some of these cases. This is just my read on things.

    Frank Pollack, Assistant O Line Coach
    It looks to me that we've gone with more experience here. The guy has been an O line coach before and becoming an Asst again is somewhat of a step backwards. He also knows Callahan. I think that even though he will be listed as Asst OL, he will take on more duties than Wes Phillips did last year at the same position. Makes it easier for Callahan to focus on his Offensive coordinator job. (read: play calling)

    Wes Phillips, TE Coach
    I think this move is more about moving Philips out of the OL than it is about giving him TE responsibilities. Obviously they really like Phillips, but this may be more about getting Callahan an assistant he knows will mirror his thinking more along the OL.

    On the flip side...

    Derek Dooley, WR coach
    I think this is very much the opposite regarding the tile given and the responsibilities. With Jimmy Robinson taking a step back for whatever reason, Dooley is now the WR position coach. But Robinson is still around. My thinking is that Dooley will serve as the Asst WR coach to Robinson to help lighten his load so that we can keep Robinson around.

    So in a nutshell, I think we have an Assistant OL coach who is really a full OL coach and a full WR coach who is really an Asst WR coach. Add a DLine coach who may really be a D coordinator and it gets really strange.

    Kind of odd, but I think it'll work.
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    Ok, so I guess I'm the only one who thought this was mildly interesting.

    Should I add something about JJ/JG being bad/good? or something about Romo?
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    Agree on the OL.

    I think Robinson has some health problems, so I see Dooley as the full time WR coach.
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    Yes, it is a bit odd.

    I don't really understand the benefit of Callahan keeping the OL coach title.

    I don't know how the Jimmy Robinson situation will be structured. It seems that he will be more of an assistant that will help transition the new guy into the role. I wonder if Robinson will almost be Dez's personal coach.

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