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    I went back and looked at Scouts, Inc. to compare players that were ranked 31 or greater by the company and then took each position and ranked both classes based on how many players were picked from each last year.

    For example, only 11 quarterbacks were taken last year, so I compared their grades to the top 11 quarterbacks for '13. I know not everyone agrees with McShay, but it is the most user-friendly to deal with.

    12 - 73.7
    13 - 73.5

    Lots of stash and develop guys, especially when you consider Dysert is graded as the 9th ranked QB in this class when you compare him to Kellen Moore from last year (also the 9th ranked). I was surprised the rankings were this close, but this looks like a deep QB class that lacks the Luck/Griffin from last year.

    Running Backs
    12 - 64.7
    13 - 65.5

    Once again it lacks elite talent but lots of talent towards the bottom of the 19. Productive guys like Robbie Rouse, Kerwynn Williams and Rex Burkhead looks like could be had later on. For comparison's sake, Ronnie Hillman and Johnathan Franklin were/are the 12th ranked RBs.

    Wide Receivers
    12 - 65.8
    13 - 64.9

    33 WR taken last year, so that muddies the waters a little bit. Common theme still lacks elite talent and this class has big shoes to fill from last year. With Coale/Beasley/Harris still on the roster I don't see this as a priority.

    Tight Ends
    12 - 63
    13 - 74.1

    I remember we were all crazy about the tight ends from last year with athletic guys like Egnew and Green and we came out okay with James Hanna in the 6th. Not sure if the Cowboys will draft another TE, despite the fact that we may still need another blocking type.

    12 - 68.8
    13 - 73.8

    Pretty deep tackle class and we've seen guys like Fisher and Thomas thrown around as potential targets for the Cowboys in the 1st. Could be a good time to grab some depth guys later on.

    12 - 61.3
    13 - 60.2

    After Warmack and Cooper, this class falls off a cliff. No Zeitlers, Allens, Brooks or Silatolu's in this class. If we want a good one, I don't see why we should wait.

    12 - 67.4
    13 - 65

    Barrett Jones is graded significantly lower than Konz from last year, and Khaled Holmes isn't far behind. I think someone reaches for Jones in the first, and Holmes falls to late 2nd, early 3rd.

    Defensive Tackle
    12 - 64.4
    13 - 68.6

    Maybe the deepest position in this draft, which bodes well for Cowboys. Just like last year, we'll hear lots of names linked to us, but this will be the year we need to actually pull the trigger in the first couple of rounds.

    Defensive End
    12 - 73.3
    13 - 79.7

    Another position that the Cowboys could look at early on. Includes tweeners and when guys like Okafor, Jeffcoat and Simon are ranked 9th, 12th and 15th, you know it's a deep class.

    Inside Linebacker
    12 - 63.4
    13 - 77.2

    Don't think you'll see the Cowboys look here, but after 2nd tier guys like Bobby Wagner and Mychal Kendricks making an impact it looks like another good year for this position.

    Outside Linebacker
    12 - 59.2
    13 - 56.9

    Cowboys took Wilber last year and I don't really see this being a priority considering most of the guys ranked here are 4-3 types.

    12 - 66.1
    13 - 64.9

    Doesn't look like a big gap, but when you consider 30 cornerbacks were taken last year, it is pretty significant. Claiborne, Gilmore, Jenkins, Hayward and Norman have all made significant impacts this year. Might be an area we target later in the draft with the writing on the wall for Jenkins. You know Jerry has to be tickled at the possibility of grabbing the Honey Badger in the 4th round.

    12 - 59
    13 - 67.6

    This position was the main reason I wanted to do this. What I thought was a shallow class (Vaccaro is not Barron or Smith), is actually full of guys that would be upgrades for the Cowboys. This has to be an opportunity for us to capitalize in the draft, hopefully early on.

    What does all this mean? Like most of the times that I do stuff like this, it leaves me with more questions than answers. However, I think when you look at the biggest holes in our team - the trenches and secondary/depth - the Cowboys will probably be in a good position to get three significant upgrades on both trenches and in the secondary.
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    I could totally see them trying him at FS. I could also see them trying Alec Ogletree at SS. Not even remotely saying it will happen, just projecting.
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    I love me some Alec Ogletree. I think his strength would be in 8-10 yards from the LOS and we just don't have a ball-hawk in center field that we would need to make that happen. If we could get Honey Badger in the 4th, I would be completely cool with that.

    1 - Alec Ogletree
    2 - Jessie Williams
    3 - Khaled Holmes
    4 - Tyrann Mathieu
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    Never seen a ILB run like Ogletree. Runs like a fast WR, I bet he puts up a ridiculous 40 at the combine.
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    When I first saw him, he reminded me of Taylor Mays. Mays was 205-210 coming out of college and now he's ~230 according to ESPN. Ogletree is absolutely shredded though.
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    Mays was stiff in his movements, dont see that with Ogletree
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    Thanks robert!

    If we could come away with an OG, DT, and Safety, I would be thrilled. I'll take another OT and RB (late) too, thank you.
    I guess some of this depends on our FA plans too.
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    Moving Ogletree to SS doesn't make sense. He would shift from an elite athlete at one position, to a good athlete at another.

    He needs to be playing weakside OLB in a 43 so he can just run around and make plays.
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    I assume Carter will play the Will if we go in that direction. Agree?
  10. Future

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    Most likely, though I think he's strong and athletic enough to play anywhere in a 43 scheme, so drafting Ogletree would probably put him at Sam..

    Although having an LB corps with Tree, Lee, and Carter would be awesome, it's a luxury that I don't think Dallas needs to/should pursue. There are more pressing needs that need to be addressed, and a 43 LB can greatly benefit from a dynamic line in front of him, so I'd rather go that route early, than select Otree.
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    Excellent work, Robert.

    As far as your take on safety, I don't even think it matters that this class is deeper. You know how the team is, they've got Church (who they just gave money to) and Johnson (who they drafted relatively high compared to he competitive background) and Sensy isn't going anywhere. They probably think they've got that position solved and injuries are the only excuse as to why it was lackluster this year.

    Great excuse for the GM, not they didn't let the former DC pull the same card.

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