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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AmberBeer, Jun 24, 2013.

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    There's been lots of negative posts about the Cowboys of recent and rightfully so. After all, the team has 6-10, 8-8 and 8-8 the last 3 seasons. Not much positive in that. But I believe we are beginning to see signs of a turnaround. It started with the hiring of Jason Garrett. I think Jerry finally realized that a total makeover was needed and JG showed him that he was the best option to make that happen.

    Garrett's philosophy hinges on bringing in the right kind of guys. Hard working, high character players. He also focuses on improving day by day, i.e. doing the best you can on the next play in practice, the next drill, the next class. This philosophy is kinda like the Spurs coach Popovich's pounding the rock philosophy. That team also focuses on bringing in high character hard working players.

    We started seeing signs of progress last year when we had all the injuries. The team never gave up. The players who stepped up seemed prepared. Veterans kept giving 100% and the team competed. We really had some tough breaks last year but I think the adversity benefited the team. We should continue to see improvement this year and with a little luck, a better record and possible playoff run.

    Talk of Garrett being fired after an 0-4 start is not going to happen because we're not going 0-4. This team is being built the right way. The seeds were planted 3 years ago and started to sprout last year. We can expect continued growth and hopefully a burst of growth. The national media will continue to hound this team and it's players for the foreseeable future. There are many fans here who get their takes from them and will continue to be negative towards the Cowboys and in particular Romo. Don't let them influence how you feel about this team. Those who know and understand football and what it takes to build a team realize that this team is headed in the right direction. There will be bumps in the road. We may even lose the first game against the Giants. If that happens and all the Debbie downers start posting their negativity, know that this team will bounce back and continue to show improvement and be more than capable of making the playoffs. The signs are all around us.
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    Excellent post.

    I happen to agree that this team is headed in the right direction.

    I believe they will compete for and hopefully win the division this season.

    I'm sure the naysayers will be in to tell everyone how there is no need for optimism.
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    Garrett this, Garrett that..........its insane to point to Garrett as being the guy who will change everything when he already had 2 elimination games that he lost and isn't even allowed to run the team the way he wants. Once a puppet always a puppet, and he is the perfect puppet.
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    Basing your opinion solely on 2 elimination games is short sighted and naive. It takes time to redefine a football team. Have patience and you will be rewarded.
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    So much content here, it's hard to decide where to dig in.
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    What Garrett is doing is building the team long-term. Instant results were never in the cards for the way he's doing it. Like ESPN NFC East blogger Dan Graziano says, Garrett is building for a stable, winning future, not just trying to get as good as possible for this one year.

    Garrett has and is changing the culture inside Valley Ranch and that takes time. He's been cutting high priced, under productive vets like Leonard Davis, Andre Gurode, Kyle Kosier, etc. and replacing them with young, hard working, inexpensive players who are having to develop. That takes a toll in the W-L column, but is vital to building a franchise that is healthy from the inside out. I applaud the way he is doing it and have been dying to see it done that way for a long, long time.

    His drafts have been very good, helping stockpile young talent that loves to play the game and works hard to get good. He has created an atmosphere of competition, accountability, and hard work that hasn't been seen around Dallas in almost two decades.

    Last year, we started to see his methods start to bear fruit when the team went from a 3-5 start to finish the last half of the season 5-3... and really it was the heart the team showed under adverse circumstances that showed the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what kind of character Garrett is building in the team. It has been years since we have seen a Dallas team fight through adversity and actually be the team that looked tougher and like they wanted the victory more. When teams did beat Dallas, you got the feeling that they barely got out of the building with a victory.

    It has been a slow process of getting to this point and there have been serious flaws with those teams... and serious injury problems. But you can see where it is heading. You can see the changes starting to take place and the players starting to play as a team the way we've been wanting them to for a long, long time.

    Safety and OL has killed Dallas the last couple of seasons, and those two units are probably what kept Dallas out of the post season both years. Those have been improved at least some - maybe substantially - and should be much less of a detriment this season. Kiffin's defense coupled with fewer injuries will almost assuredly equal a much better defense, and just that alone could help propel Dallas above the 8-8 mark that so many deride.

    I really think this is the year that Garrett's presence starts to pay dividends in the way the team prepares and the way it plays.

    Regardless of what you say about him not having power, Garrett has done it his way, which is way different than it has been done since Jimmy Johnson left. He has done it his way and this is the year that I think it all starts to fall into place. The weak spots have been shorn, the malcontents have been eradicated, and the team is finally full of Garrett's kind of players. 2013 is the first year that I think we will really see Garrett's vision put into practice.

    This is the year that he has been working towards, and it will be fun as hell to see what happens.
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    Not so sure about Garrett tho. Can Jason Garrett cure his game management issues? I think Jerry Jones is trying to fix that headache...LOL, but I like the fact that there are some young talented players that are about to get a chance to get on the field and show what they got. Its easy to be positive about the young studs, but its up to the veteran players, ROMO's, Austin, Witten, Lees, Wares, Ratliff, Spencer to show up and earn the paycheck....if that happens this season will be a blast. Didn't mention DEZ because he always shows up.....The Cowboys most improved player.
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    Yup, should be an exciting season.
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    This is simply a great post.
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    Take Oline out of the equation and you'll be hard pressed to find a team in the NFC with more offensive firepower then we have. If this Oline can jell during camp and stay healthy in the process they should be able to produce a better product then they did last season. Defensively I'm thrilled with what we have in the back 7, safety is a bit iffy but Johnson and Wilcox have performed good enough so far through OTA's that I feel we'll be ok at the position. Trenches are the only thing that worry me about this team on both sides with the Oline underperforming badly last yr and depth being a huge question mark on defense but if we can shore this up with either coaching these guys up or picking up a few cap casualties at the end of the Pre-season we should challenge this year for a shot to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.
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    Yes, the offensive line is the key. I never played offensive line so I can't tell by looking at coaches film whether the players we have are talented or not. All I can go by is the results which last year were horrible with Romo constantly under pressure (season high for sacks) and the running game 31st in the league. So I can only hope another year of experience for the young guys, some good coaching for the vets and some good voodoo for them all.
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    Our Oline last season had no identity, nobody feared lining up against one soul on our line because they were all soft. Go back to the week 17 and watch a lot of those 2nd and long plays, Haslett would bring 7 guys on the blitz because he knew there was no chance we could slow his guys down and he was right. Now looking towards this season I believe I heard Bryan Broaddus say that we're switching to Zone Blocking Scheme which is a great fit for Murray and Randle because they're more of the 1-cut and go RB's like Arian Foster (not the fastest but can elude). With the switch I think we have the guys in Frederick & Leary who can play in this scheme but with bad knees I have my doubts in Nate Livings being even slightly productive in getting to the 2nd level.
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    Very well said!!!
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    We did some ZB last year but I agree they should have all bought into it and have enough training now to execute it. And I think we are getting some mobile guys that fit it as well. Some good posts here.
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    Parcells won more games with quincy at qb and nobody else on the roster. This team is loaded with probowl players and talent and 8-8 is best we can do........it really is a joke when people defend this moron. He looks like a deer in headlights all the time on the sideline because he is just that.
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    Garrett may be a lot of things but he's not a moron. ESPN is hyping RGIII and the Redskins so maybe you should go root for them since you believe our coach is incapable. If you can't see the change in attitudes with the players and the change in culture with the Cowboys then you don't want to see it. Don't let the national media form your opinions for you.
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    And, there it is. The old "If you don't love Garrett find another team!" airtight argument.
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    The misguided negativity is hard to take sometimes.
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    Yeah... how many guys did we have in the pro bowl last year? 2? And one was a last second replacement? Correct me if I'm wrong. I got bad news for you: Garrett is going to be the coach again this season, so you might want to tune the Cowboys out for the rest of 2013.
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    Nice post, refreshing, I applaud you. I'm on the ride already and it is going to be fun.

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