Positives and negatives of the team

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Trip, Jan 2, 2006.

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    1. Young defensive nucleus is in place.
    Demarcus Ware is the real deal and that may be the best development of this year. Marcus Spears and Chris Canty were very nice choices. The secondary is young and good. Bradie James has proven he can be a good starting LB in the NFL. We're 2 LB's and a FS from having an elite defense.

    2. Julius Jones is a franchise back.
    He needs to show in the future that he can avoid the nagging injuries, and he needs an offensive line in front of him, but when this guy stays healthy and stays on the field (he will) he'll put up big numbers.

    3. Bledsoe has two years left.
    I won't get into this much, but I believe Bledsoe is good enough to take this team where we want it to go. He needs a line.

    4. Jason Witten is a nice complement in the passing game.
    This one's obvious. He needs to be involved more, when the line gets better. It's a luxury to have a tight end like him, and when we get an impact receiver and a better offensive line, it will show.

    1. The offensive line is atrocious. The three best players will be cap killers in a few years. The cap is in good shape otherwise, but the line must get younger. This offseason.

    2. Lack a top flight playmaker in the passing game.
    Terry Glenn had a very nice year. Key is a warrior, and a clutch possession receiver. Either of these guys are fine as a second WR option, but the offense sorely needs a guy that can consistently put fear in opposing defenses.

    3. Need a kicker.
    No explanation necessary.

    Bill Parcells and Jerry Jones have asembled a team that is close to taking the next step. That's the argument everyone will fire at me when I suggest that we would be better off if Parcells leaves, and it's valid. This team can very well take another step next season. However, it's not a given, and this offseason is critical. We could also find ourselves in poor cap situation in three years with nothing to show for it. We have important needs to be addressed, and they can't be filled with 30-plus year old ex-New York Jets in free agency. The Cowboys have the money to fill a couple of major needs in free agency, but it needs to be done with 28 year old players like Anthony Henry. Spend big on a couple of young impact players, we have the money to do it, or stay out and fill through the draft. It will take a year longer, but it can be done that way, too. Everyone thinks our cap's fine, we're in great shape, and we are for now, but there are some potential problems down the road and we can't have any mistakes this offseason. If Parcells is so enamored with winning NOW that he plans to sign a couple more Marco Rivera's or Jason Ferguson's this offseason, then we're better off if he retires.
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    FWIW-teams like the Bears, Gints, Skins, and Hawks had more glaring weaknesses than us, but they managed to shoot lights out when all was said and done.

    Cowlishaw is correct-Parcells has no excuse.
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    It's a pity that this is year 3 under BP and the O-line is atrocious....not to mention special teams in the kicking area that when he got here said needed to be good.

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