Positives So Far?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by RoyTheHammer, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Frozen700

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    Never said this defense was great or the best, ever. Said we were playing good.

    Said Carr could make a name for himself if he had a great game.

    Like somebody said that day, if he had a bad game, all that goes out the window for the whole year.
  2. SilverStarCowboy

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    The positive so far, Romo isn't Mr. September/October.

    Beat the Gaints, got a game gift wrapped in Tampa.

    Batting .500 (thought a very weak .500 and not for long)

    it's not baseball

  3. Doomsay

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    Punter (s)
    ILB (s)
    Church (damn)
    Romo's immortality
  4. RoyTheHammer

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    As bad as that game looked Monday night, the D only gave up 20 points. That's not bad at all, and should have given us a good chance to win if we hadn't beaten ourselves on the other side of the ball.
  5. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    You can't pin all the blame on Carr though. Sure he had a rough outing, but he was going up against one of the best wide outs in the game in Brandon Marshall. A big problem was three was absolutely no pressure on Cutler. He had all day to throw the football. You cannot expect Carr or any other DB to be able to contain their man forever. Someone besides DeMarcus Ware needs to be able to rush the passer on a consistent basis.
  6. Frozen700

    Frozen700 Well-Known Member

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    Not blaming Carr....just saying what somebody said if he looked bad. He did look bad, to the media that is. Which is why they won't take him serious for a while, unless we go back to the way we played before the Bears.

    I still think he's top 10, that's me though.
  7. Gameover

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    It looks worse than usual to me. I see a team that could finish 4-12.
  8. Cowboys&LakersFan

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    Well that just shows you how ******** the media. Carr is a top 10 corner and still is. You can't say he's not top 10 after one bad game. That's ridiculous.
  9. Lodeus

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    The defense. Wish we had offense to go with it though.
  10. Wayne02

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    Top 10 or not, he hasn't played well enough to justify that contract from what I have seen thus far. We probably won't be hearing him say "No Fly Zone" for a long while.
  11. spolcyc

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    Sean Lee being a stud.
    Claibourne holding his own.
    BAILEY...nice to see a kicker that doesn't miss everything
    Lee/Carter duo could be a Willis/Bowman caliber combo in the years to come.
  12. LarryCanadian

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    I know the oline has really struggled, but I watched Tyron Smith (who is put on an island quite a bit) and I thought he actually had a pretty darn good game in pass protection. Peppers was quiet, and one on one I thought he moved quite well.

    Now early on they got a sack on a stunt where 2 defenders switched positions and Tryon took his guy to the inside, but Livings couldn't get over. Not sure who's fault that ends up being, but other than that, I though Smith was solid.

    I stilll think he will be an excellent player.

    Sean Lee is better than I thought, and I thought he was pretty darn good. He was ONLY guy hitting hard.
    Ware is still excellent - with little help in the pass rush department.
    I think Mo will end up being a very good player for us - he's learning and trying.
    Bruce Carter has really impressed me, and I'm thinking that he still has some upside as he gets more and more experience.
    I'm not sure about the dline trenches - Hatcher has talent, but is inconsistent and every year seems to disappear a bit more and more as pre-season becomes more distant. Brent has size and showed a bit of passion/attitude - which this team lacks.

    Witten had a bounce back game, but I don't think Witten is a game changer, hard to be at the TE position. Liked his attitude and focus coming back from 3 tough games though. Targetted 13 times and made 12 catches. NO penalties, no obvious wiff blocks from what I saw.

    Austin hasn't had the dropsies this year, and that is big for him as he's had issues there in the past.

    I think Murray will be a solid back if he can stay healthy - I think he has potential to be real special, but our run blocking is atrocious!

    I still really worry about Safety position. I'm not a massive Sensabaugh fan - and feel he lacks a bit of instinct at the position to be an impact guy, plus his tackling technique at times seems very suspect to me. Decent player, but I'd like an upgrade there long-term.

    Dez,Dez, Dez - still have fingers crossed on this guy - has the physical tools to be elite, but not sure on the brains. His attitude (wanting to win, do well) on the field seems good to me. I don't dislike his personality etc, so I'm still routing for him.

    This team is just so up and down, sometimes it is hard to evaluate.
  13. RoyTheHammer

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    Outstanding post.. spot on.
  14. jday

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    1. LB core looks to be set for the next few years.
    2. Same with corners.
    3. The offensive line actually looked better against the Bears.
    4. 2 and 2 is better than 0 and 4.

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