Possible 1st round draft thoughts

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Yakuza Rich, Nov 15, 2004.

  1. Yakuza Rich

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    Here’s what I was thinking over the weekend. Dallas wants to get bigger in the front 7, especially at linebacker.

    I think they’ll get a big nose tackle type. My guess is that they get a veteran because NT is one of those tough positions that takes awhile for a player to develop into. I’m also guessing that they’ll go veteran with a CB since all of the CB’s on the roster are very young. So I see them going after a Fred Baxter or Ken Lucas.

    I don’t think they’ll look at WR since they’ve got Keyshawn, Glenn, and Morgan.

    Anyway, do you think it’s possible that they draft 2 LB’s in the first, like Texas’ Derrick Johnson and Virginia’s Ahmad Brooks. Both are pretty much big enough to play in a 3-4. Have Johnson and Kalen Thornton on the OLB spots, then Brooks and Bradie James on the inside.

    Have the free agent NT with Glover and Ellis on the ends.


  2. Portland Fanatic

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    Bottom line...we need to spend what ever it takes to get Sean Rogers from Detroit in here...he is potentially the best DT out there...and an FA. I think he's only 26 too. Around this guy we can go 3-4, 4-3, 1-6..hehe
  3. Fletch

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    I believe it would be time for the Cowboys to seek out an option at WR. Oooh, like a Mike Williams perhaps. Possibly even a Braylon Edwards or a Mark Clayton. Guys, our WR's aren't exactly spring chickens these days. Terry is up there, although still pretty productive. Keyshawn isn't getting any younger, and Morgan is a #2 or #3 WR at best. Time to get that next #1 wideout.

    One of our 1st round picks will hopefully be a top notch WR.
  4. Kittymama

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    FWIW, most analysis of this year's draft is saying that this is a very mediocre class--one of the poorest ever. Given that, I'd bet almost anything that Dallas trades down on one of its first-round picks for more 2nd & 3rd rounders. Probably will go for some big guys to shore up the defense; maybe pick up another RB or two in the low rounds. I'd definitely expect them to go after more FAs this year--not necessarily high-priced ones, but actively pursue more middle-priced ones who can contribute.
  5. MS17

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    Even though the next class may be moribund, at least a few top flight WRs will be there and I for one agree that the time is nigh to start replacing aging WRs on the roster now. There's no guarantee how many seasons Key, TG and Morgan will be around.
    If the team trades one or both #1s down for special teamers and projects go ahead and just shoot me.
  6. Yakuza Rich

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    I think Rogers is most likely going to be franchised. The Jets Jason Ferguson could be a good choice, I think he's listed at 315 pounds.

    I think the Patriots have shown that you don't need high profile WR's to be a productive offense. If you can get guys with good route running ability, some downfield speed, good hands and good blockers, that can work.

  7. Portland Fanatic

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    The chances of Rogers hitting the open market are very slim, but if he does we better grab him up. Ferguson would not be a bad option, however the Jets are alreay in contract discussions with him now...doubt he sees FA.
  8. ndanger

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    MARK CLAYTON :cool:Anybody see this kid!? All he does is make plays. A natural playmaker.Not that fast but yards after and unbelievable catches are his forte .Probably middle to late first round .Any takers? :cool:
  9. Midswat

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    I'm thinking about PM'ing the moderators about possibly starting a draft forum.

    Anyone think thats a good idea?
  10. ndanger

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    There already is,****** man. :confused:

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    Lets not ignore the possibilty of one of those #1's being dealt out in a player trade. Which imo might be better then taking a chance on 2 {more than likely} top 10 picks and paying all that money or say trading down for a few additional picks. We could dump off someone we could do without and one of those picks and who knows what kind of meal that type bait could lure in for us.

    For instance;
    Rd1: Mike Williams
    Trade: 1st Round pick & Glover to Detroit for Rodgers & 3rd Round pick.

    But whatever we do I think we have to take Mike Williams even if it means trading up a spot or two to do it. We need a young practically guaranteed superstar on offense.

    I'll be pissed if we go all defense.
  12. Rack Bauer

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    Actually, the bottom line is he should of ALREADY BEEN A COWBOY instead of Tony "I can't cover or tackle" Dixon.
  13. Midswat

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  14. Portland Fanatic

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    I want Mike Williams as much as the next guy, but no way in hell trade up for him...we should get two starters with those pics. If they both happen to be defense I'm fine with that. We can live with Keys, Morgan, and Glenn for two more years.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    Even Ugly people get stuff right once in a while. ;) :p
  16. ndanger

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    as one wise member of this forum once said even a broken clock is right twice a day.by the way midswat that was pretty ingenious my friend.funny stuff. I'm on the mark clayton crusade anybody with me???? :cool:
  17. dillinger319

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    Yeh I also remember some people saying that Roy Williams wasnt even the best WR in the big 12 last year that Rashaun Woods was better..Yeh right..He cant even get on the field on a bad SF team....I think that Clayton makes plays similar to Woods..No speed...WE have that guy in Keyshawn...We need a playmaker on offense....Period..Whether its a Top RB ,WR or QB we need someone that the defense is scared of .....,Mike Williams could be that guy....I wish we could get DJ from UT and MW from USC with our first two picks since they will be around the same spots...........
  18. Arrius

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    I'm tired of watching 2nd round talent. We need to keep our 2 first round picks and pick first round talent. We need Playmakers on our team. We don't need any more role players. We have enough of them already.
  19. b_virtue

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    any body that thinks we should draft mike williams or any offensive player should be shot. we need a CB. DE, FS, DT, OLB, another CB. we need a new defense
  20. btcutter

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    Are you ready to give up TWO first rounders for him? I think I might.

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