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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Dec 6, 2012.

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    oh I see Dr Coolfan

    I expect a Saftey to be drafted

    Of the 31 players who sustained an Achilles tendon rupture, 21 (64%) returned to play in the NFL at an average of 11 months after injury. In the three seasons following their return, those 21 players saw significant decreases in games played and power ratings compared to the three seasons preceding the injury.
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    Sorry but that is wrong. Sensabuagh signed a 8 million guaranteed contract with 4 million signing bonus.
    Last year salary was 1.8 million and this year is 1 million. So 8-4-1.8-1= 1.2 left of guaranteed money. Then if you cut him all the prorated signing bonus becomes a cap hit this year. The remaining prorated is 750,000 a year for the next three years. 750,000 X 3 years=2.25 million. The prorated signing bonus of 2.25 million + the 1.2 guaranteed money left =3.45 million if we cut him after this year.

    If we keep him next year he will only be a cap hit of 3.75 million. I would rather keep him for only .30 million more for the year and draft his future replacement and cut him after next year.

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    I don't really like Church much but I'm just saying, based on what they did re-signing him already and Stephen Jones saying he is part of the core. We're talking about the 2013 Draft coming up and I just don't think they will draft another safety when they still have Matt Johnson, who they seem to be high on, and Church. Safety is not a position where you can keep 5 or 6 guys.

    If Church flops then yeah I fully expect them to find a replacement in 2014.
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    Good catch. I missed the total guaranteed money.

    Because he signed the contract during the 2011 season, I don't think the 2011 base salary is counted under the guaranteed money.

    It appears that all of his 2013 base salary (3M) is guaranteed.

    4M signing bonus = 4M
    2012 base = 1M
    2013 base = 3M

    Total Guaranteed = 8M

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