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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by likofloathe, Jan 17, 2013.

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    To fix the offense and start to acquire players that fit into the 4-3 that Kiffen and possibly Marinelli will run it will take a combination of the draft and some key FA signings. I prefer going after the o line early in the draft and usign FA to get some defensive playmakers and depth guys. This would be my plan:

    Cut: Conner, Free, Spears, Costa

    FA signings:
    S Jarius Byrd - Playmaking S needed. If Church or Matt Johnson turn it on, then Sensabaugh can be dealt or cut.

    SLB Phillip Wheeler - One of the only playmakers on the Raiders, there Cap issues dictate that they can't resign him. Still 28 and durable.

    DT Henry Melton - No brainer if Marinelli comes over. A 4 man DT rotation with Ratliff, Melton, Hatcher, and Lissemore would be pretty solid.

    DE Matt Roth - veteran depth at DE

    WR Devery Henderson - Henderson would push Austin and allow the Cowboys to cut him if he doesn't step up. Henderson would give Romo the stable secure route runner that he misses in Laurent Robinson.

    1st Round - OG Jonathan Cooper - Immediate starter at right guard
    2nd round - OT Lane Johnson - Immediate starter at right tackle.
    3rd Round - DE Datone Jones - Becomes part of DE rotation with Ware, Crawford (swingman who can aslo line up at DT), Roth, and Kyle Wilber
    4th Round - RB Mike Gillislee, replaces Felix Jones as backup RB. Tanner and Dunbar have just not proven they can be the main guy and Murray seems to have injury issues.
    5th Round - MLB Jake Johnson - Backup lineback who could be a special teams standout.
    6th Round - WR Josh Jarboe - Had some trouble in his past but a talented wideout who seems to have matured.
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    Were doomed
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    Dallas would be 35-40 mil over the cap with something like this
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    Welcome aboard!
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    More like a zillion. :laugh2:

    Nice roster, though.
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    So Floaty, how many screen names will you have here?
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    Is this what you plan on using to sign all all those high priced FA's?

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    no they wouldn't you obviously have no clue how contracts are structured in the NFL.
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    Only Byrd and Melton would be big money. Both are young, you can give both a big signing bonus and a low salary in 2013 to keep us under the cap this year and back load the salaries to make it work. Also you can put restructure clauses, like in Free, Austin, and Carr contract for the future.

    People need to under stand that when you sign a player to a contract that its spread over years and the team can spread it out any way they want. It's not all paid in one year.
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    Please read my sig.
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    I was using Brandon Carrs contract as an example. The Cowboys get back the 5 million next year so even if it is tight this year, you can restructure some. Quite frankly if they need to free up a little more money. Tell Miles Austin to rengotiate down or be cut. He's had a free ride for two years and should be ready to play for free. They have to get a safety who can play. They can try to that through the draft, but when a guy who is proven and sitting there you almost have to jump. As for Melton. Marinelli made him what he is. Those guys sometimes take a little less to be with a guy they like. Wheeler shouldn't be int he upper category and Roth is a veteran minimum guy.
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    I've seen worse and teams still be under the cap.
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    Why does that name ring a bell?

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