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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Sam I Am, May 18, 2009.

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    So, I know I went through this not long ago, but I might look into purchasing another guitar. My last one was a failed attempt as the guitar was new, but it had issues. (Probably from sitting in a warehouse during summer and winter months)

    Anyway, for a long while I was looking at a Fender strat, but it's been a depressing search. I find these Mexican strats to be sub par. Some of them are "ok", but just not what I'm wanting. I would really like a Japanese strat, but they don't export the Japanese strats anymore, and to get a non-export Japanese strat is hard to find, and if you do, they are quite expensive.

    The American strats in my opinion are clearly better than the Mexican strats, but aren't as well made as the Japanses strats, and dollar for dollar are over priced for the difference between them the Mexican strats.

    ...there is lies the delima...

    That said, I have chosen to go in a different direction.

    I already have an Ibanez (which I am a big fan of) and I really like the one I have now that I have replaced the stock pickups with high end DiMarzio pickups. (PAF neck, HS3 middle, and ToneZone in the bridge) Great sound, places great, has no blimishes, and appears to be of a far better quality than the 2008 model I attempted to replace it with. (it's a Oct. 1997 model)

    So, when Fender failed, I looked at Gibson, but I'm just not ready for one. A nice Les Paul are very expensive and when I played an SG I actually liked it better than the Les Paul. Still, that didn't do it for me either.

    I looked at a Schecter and they are nice and feel nice in your had, but the neck gives me a sence of a plastic like feel to it. It just turns me off.

    I've never played a Dean, so I just can't comment on them.

    No interest right now in ESP, PRS, or BC Rich.

    So, I looked at Jackson. Every since I was probably 13 years old, I wanted a Randy Rhoads V, and I decided I still want one. The only thing I'm worried about is the V shape and dinging and the fact that I like to play sitting down sometimes and it won't sit in my lap like a normal guitar. It has to be arched upwards.

    I want the Floyd Rose locking trem and I don't want that dirty cheap JS series. I want a pro series. Yeah, some people don't like Floyd Rose termelos, but thats because they haven't figured out how to manage them properly. I love them for many many reasons and the whammy bar is probably the last reason.

    Anyway, this is the one I'm looking at.

    Jackson Randy Rhoads 3 (RR3) I'm looking at it in transparent blue. The Eerie Dess Swirl is sweet, but a bit to busy for me.

    Eerie Dess Swirl

    This is the one I want

    Transparent Blue

    Now that is SEXY! ;) :D

    My biggest issue is there is a single freaking music store in the area that has a Jackson RR3 in in transparent blue in stock. Not only that, they don't have ANY Jackson RR3's in stock at all even for me to checkout how they play.

    sigh, that means if I want one I have to buy it online. :bang2: After my last online guitar purchase, I never wanted to do that again. :bang2: :bang2:

    I could special order it at a local shop, but if I don't like it, they won't take it back as far as I know. I will have to order online from a company that has it in stock and will accept it back if I don't like it.

    Sigh...the trials and tribulations of purchasing a guitar. :(

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    For me I have fell in love with the dean V necks (not flying V but the shape of the neck is called a V). Just fits me the best.

    Another thing to consider is getting a dean V as they have the more traditional rounded ends on the points (except for the razorback Vs).

    Now I have a jackson, schecter, bc Rich, have played strats and gibsons but I just love the dean V neck...I can immediately tell the difference when I play my dean and switch to another guitar.

    Now...if you are just not into Deans and you want a Jackson...

    Try here... http://www.jcfonline.com/forums/

    You might find some people to point you in the direction of a good online dealership.

    Or you might consider going here... http://www.fenderforum.com/forum.html and seeing if you can find a dealer or user who has a japanese strat.

    Hope that helps.

    On a side note...I too prefer a Floyd Rose trem system. Feels award playing my schecter with the tone pro bridge. Just so used to a floyd.
  3. Sam I Am

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    That is probably one of the main reasons I prefer the Floyd Rose. When I was playing the Gibsons, the feeling of the bridge (especially when muffling) was a major issue for me. Not only did it feel weird, the muffled tones didn't sound right. Obviously, you can make the same sounds since many people play Les Pauls and other like bridges. Although, I was starting to get the corret sound on the SG model I was playing.

    Fenders have the screws that stick up. My old late 80s model Strat I had never bothered me (I guess the screws where below the top of the bridge), but the ones I've played of late all scratch the palm of my hand. (hate it!) I suppose they could be trimmed down to size.

    As for Dean Guitars. I've never even see one in a guitar shop. (even Guitar Center here in NY) Without ever even seeing one in person, (much less not even playing one) I just couldn't even think of considering a Dean.

    Equal length points on V guitars I probably don't want since playing them sitting down would be even more of an issue than the RR model I'm looking at. At least the bottom is shorter allowing me to prop it up on my leg if I'm sitting down.
  4. MetalHead

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    King V...king of guitars.
    I love Jackson guitars,my faves.
  5. dadymat

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    Never....ever....ever....buy a guitar online..unless its musicians friend where you get 2 weeks to return.....even if youve played identical elsewhere they all play differently ....why no BC Rich love....? :(

    naw really i wasnt much of a fan either always played Ibanez...had Jackson didnt like it....but the BC Rich JRV Deluxe is an emerald i love it ...its got the real Floyd on it , emg 85/81's . neck thru, pearl binding neck and headstock.....i love this guitar

    Active EMG pickups
    Original Floyd Rose tremolo
    Black Onyx finish
    Body wood: nato (eastern mahogany)
    Neck wood: maple
    Fretboard: ebony
    Body thickness: 45mm
    Top style: beveled
    Headstock style: Widow
    Tuners: diecast
    Controls: 1 volume, 1 three-way toggle and 1 tone
    Hardware: black
    Frets: 24 jumbo 2.7mm
    Factory strings: 9 42
    Nut: 43mm
    Scale: 25-1/2"

  6. BrAinPaiNt

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  7. MetalHead

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    What you disliked about Jacksons?
    The only issue I had with them was the jumbo frets on a DXMG I had.
    Found me a nice King V and the frets are not jumbo,so it feels better.
  8. Sam I Am

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    I haven't actually played a BC Rich since the 80s. I remember picking up a Warlock back then and it was very heavy compared to my old Fender. At that point I had pretty much given them up. Of course I was a light weight then. (probably 140-150lbs)
  9. dadymat

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    well to be fair ive only played a few and owned 1 it was a '93 Fusion Pro (pearl yellow) active pick ups, floyd rose.....liked it at first (which is why i bought it) played alot of shows with it...then purchased a ibanez Rg 550 for a back up ...after playing the RG i liked the wider neck and the distortion wasnt as twangy more meaty....so soon my Jackson became the back up soon i quit playing it all together.......so i dont absolutely hate Jackson guitars just not my style...after 25 years of playing metal ive learned Ibanez was my favorite .(ive had Peavey, Fender, BC rich warlock, Kramer, Jackson, Charvel)..then a year ago found this limited edition BC Rich jrV deluxe and havent played my Ibanez in a while
  10. dadymat

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    I had a Warlock in the early 90's didnt have long and havent liked most of what theyve put out since ....only reason i even picked this one up was because i was looking for a V.....was looking at the ESP's and Dime Razorback V...and ran across this one ....it sold itself
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    Cool guitar but that just isn't my style. I really don't care to much for all the ones that are weird looking designs and such.

    Give me a good old fashioned one any day. :)

    I do have a nice, cheap sadly, acoustic that I badly need to learn to play but I've never taken the time to actually dedicate to learning to play it. I've only had it about 4 years now and still can't play a single song.

    I need to finally get down to learning that.
  12. CooterBrown

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    If you really want to learn, get rid of the cheap. Cheap guitars are harder to play and don't sound very good. The frustration will make you quit before you should.
    You can get a good acoustic for about $1000. And, keep in mind that no two acoustic guitars are exactly the same. Same wood, same style, same model, and same manufacturer does not always translate to the same sound. Play a bunch of them and trust your fingers and your ears to tell you which one to buy.

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