Possible QB scenario.

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hailmary, Jan 1, 2006.

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    It seems like a lock that whoever winds up w/ the first pick will draft Bush. That's a no brainer.

    Here's the scenario:

    If the Texans are awarded the first pick and take Bush, and the 49ers are awarded the number 2, what do the niners do? Do they 1) trade the pick or 2) draft Leinart feeling that he's a better prospect than Alex Smith.

    If they decide to take Leinart, what would it take to get Alex Smith? Can't imagine them holding onto both w/ their contracts.

    ....and if it's 49ers 1 and Texans 2 and the Texans take Leinart making Carr expendable, what would it take to acquire Carr?

    Would you guys do this year's 1 and 2 and a player like Glover or Ellis for Smith? Remember he was the overall #! just a year ago. Or would it take a lot less because everyone'll be aware they need to unload him if they draft Leinart.

    For Carr, would you give up this year's 2 and 3rd?

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