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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bware_Dware, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Bware_Dware

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    Vikings own 2 1sts. They have a big need at MLB and so do the gmen who pick after us. If Ogletree falls to us I could see us trading back to 22...

  2. Vabeachboy

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    I agree. We would not be moving so far back that we can still get who we want. And possibly get another 2nd-3rd out of the deal. Obviously a second and 22 is way too good to pass up. Even a early third would be great!
  3. Fredd

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    Ogletree should be there, but i see them more going for Patterson or Austin if they are in that range
  4. TheSport78

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    Only if "the big 5" OL are off the board.
  5. DFWJC

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    This really depends on who is still on the board. The teams right behind us also want a lot of what we want--Oline and Dline.

    I do agree that Minn would be a good trade down partner if what we wanted at 18 was gone.
  6. rpatricc

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    There is no way they are giving us both of their first round picks to trade up that distance. So I'm not sure a trade with them is any more likely than with any other team.
  7. respectdatstar

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    I think the idea was 18 for 22 and a 3rd. Not 18 for both 1sts. Also, I believe Minnesota has 23 and 25, not 22 and 25.
  8. Bware_Dware

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    Correct and correct thanks
  9. bkight13

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    18 for 25 and 83 works according to the chart

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