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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by DaBoys4Life, Feb 26, 2009.

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    I like Eric Wood at center but not as a front line or dominant guard, imo. He would be serviceable at guard and nothing special, imo. He has some flaws that would be exposed more at guard, imo. I have not watched him, but I"ve read up on him. He can be bull rushed by bigger defensive tackles. He can be pushed back in pass protection, so he may have trouble anchoring against bigger defensive tackles. Wood is a little stiff, and he isn't a natural knee bender. He can take bad angles on blockers at the second level and has average awareness. He's not a road grader. He will need to get stronger in his lower body.

    Andre Gurode isn't above making a mistake, but not many players are above that. Gurode has been to the Pro Bowl three straight years at center and started twice.

    Why some want to move a Pro Bowl center to guard is beyond me. I don't understand it. He's your best offensive linemen. You need a serviceable player to back him up. Gurode is just 30, and offensive linemen can play at a high level well into their 30.s Kevin Mawae is one example.

    Lastly, I think Wood has worked his way into round 2.
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    He might have which makes me sad =/. All of the players I want will be gone before we get a chance to pick =/.
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    L o L that seems a little petty to me however, I'm glad you don't like it means there must be something good about it =).

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