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    1. Jason Smith, Baylor 6-5, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 3
    Post-Combine Skinny: Flawless. He was quick, athletic, and extremely strong tying Alex Boone with 33 lifts. He looked like a player who could grow into something special.
    Positives: Good athlete … Hard worker. Smart … Former tight end who can move easily. Will grow into a good pass blocker.
    Negatives: Not a mauler … Needs to get a bit stronger and might need to be in a zone blocking scheme … He has to be on the right team.

    2. Eugene Monroe, Virginia 6-5, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 2
    Post-Combine Skinny: The only question mark is his strength. The mere 23 reps on the bench were eye-popping, but he did everything else right. He was polished, smooth, and did nothing, outside of the bench, to hurt his top ten stock.
    Positives: Tremendous against speed rushers … Excellent technique … Smart. Can start from day one.
    Negatives: Not necessarily a mauling run blocker … More athletic than devastating.

    3. Andre Smith, Alabama 6-4, 332
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 1
    Post-Combine Skinny: It's damage control time. The mysterious departure was only part of the problem. This was supposed to be the biggest moment of his career, and he wasn't anywhere near prepared. Now there's a major question mark about his maturity and character.
    Positives: Dominant all-around blocker from day one … Elite strength and can handle himself well against speed rushers … Destroys defenders in the running game.
    Negatives: Could stand to drop a little weight … Could stand to use a little more technique work … Needs to change his body a bit and get more muscular ... Major character question.

    4. Michael Oher, Ole Miss 6-5, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 4
    Post-Combine Skinny: He needs work, but everyone knew that. He was hardly polished and it seemed like he was trying too hard at times. While he moved well in the quickness drills, the 21 reps on the bench showed just how far he has to go.
    Positives: Excellent quickness for his size … Has the prototype size and body … When the light is on, he might be the best tackle in the draft.
    Negatives: Needs a fire lit under him … Big upside, but huge bust potential if he doesn’t have “it” … Could stand to play a big stronger.

    5. Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma 6-8, 332
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 5
    Post-Combine Skinny: He didn't lift and wasn't all that quick, but his game is about his size. He didn't run all that well, but he proved to be every bit as bit as expected with the longest arms among the tackles.
    Positives: Massive blocker … Great size with long arms and tremendous strength … Can do a little of everything well.
    Negatives: A big tight. Not a natural athlete … Needs to be quicker off the snap at the next level.

    6. Eben Britton, OT Arizona 6-6, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 6
    Post-Combine Skinny: The 24 reps weren't all that impressive, but he ran well with a 5.16. He moved well through the drills.
    Positives: Very durable … Very smart. Doesn’t make mistakes … Has the prototype height and size.
    Negatives: Not a tough mauler … While fast, he’s not necessarily smooth … Needs to get stronger.

    7. William Beatty, Connecticut 6-6, 300
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 8
    Post-Combine Skinny: The sleeper of the top tackles, he had a fantastic Combine. He was one of the most athletic linemen of the lot looking great in the short drills, and the 5.12 40 wasn't all that bad. The 27 reps weren't special, but they were good enough.
    Positives: Surprisingly fast for his size … A pure left tackle. Can be drafted for cheap compared to the top guys … Great athlete.
    Negatives: Still raw. More of an athlete than a polished all-around blocker … A good run blocker, but needs to be more of a pounder.

    8. Jamon Meredith, South Carolina 6-5, 305
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 9
    Post-Combine Skinny: He had a nice Combine. While his base looks thin compared to the other prospects, he was quick through the drills and fast with a 5.04 in the 40. The 31 reps and a nice 8'9" broad jump showed what an overall athlete he is.
    Positives: Solid athlete … Decent in pass protection with big-time upside ... Good speed and weight room strength.
    Negatives: Smallish base. Tight end leg … He won’t power over anyone … Still raw. Needs seasoning.

    9. Gerald Cadogan, Penn State 6-5, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 11
    Post-Combine Skinny: Worked out among the guards. He ran extremely well with a 5.12, and he lifted a good 26 times.
    Positives: Quick feet. Good athleticism for his size … Durable and versatile … Very smart.
    Negatives: More of a finesse blocker than a pure bruiser … Could stand to get stronger … Not physical enough.

    10. T.J. Lang, Eastern Michigan 6-4, 310
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 12
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine.
    Positives: Surprisingly athletic … Good strength to play inside or out … Could end up playing guard or either tackle spot.
    Negatives: While versatile enough to play any spot, he isn’t a perfect fit for any one spot … A former defensive lineman who’s still working to bulk up.

    11. Alex Boone, Ohio State 6-7, 328
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 13
    Post-Combine Skinny: Was a bit bigger than expected and he ran well. He wasn't a natural around the cones but he made up for it with 33 reps on the bench.
    Positives: Has the size, has the potential, has the look … A fighter with a nasty streak … Long arms.
    Negatives: Major character issues … Never played up to his prep hype … Struggles against speed rushers.

    12. Xavier Fulton, Illinois 6-5, 290
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 16
    Post-Combine Skinny: Was expected to move well, and did. His 5.03 40 looked smooth, while he was a natural with his footwork and quickness in the short drills.
    Positives: Can move well …. A former defensive end who’s tough. Fought to become an offensive tackle … Good for a zone blocking team.
    Negatives: Not nearly physical enough … Character concerns. Has a reconstructed knee … Needs work. Lots of work.

    13. Lydon Murtha, Nebraska 6-7, 306
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 20
    Post-Combine Skinny: Was a major surprise. Not considered a great athlete coming into the Combine, he turned out to be the best of the bunch in the short drills while running the only sub-5 40 (4.89). However, he only showed marginal strength.
    Positives: Good size with a frame to add more bulk … With a little work, he could be a sleeper … Good worker with high upside with time.
    Negatives: Not a natural. Could be limited in what he can do … Not a strong enough run blocker … Not a big lifter for a Nebraska lineman.

    14. Troy Kropog, Tulane 6-6, 292
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 14
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine.
    Positives: Very smart … Very quick and athletic … Will work to be better.
    Negatives: Undersized … Won’t overpower anyone and will have to go to the right team.

    15. Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech 6-7, 304
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 15
    Post-Combine Skinny: Still recovering from a shoulder injury, he didn't work out.
    Positives: Very big, very tough … A smart blocker … Can do it all. Strong at both run and pass blocking.
    Negatives: Needs to get much stronger … Doesn’t always play up to his size … Doesn’t have great feet … Got knocked out for the season with a shoulder problem.

    16. Fenuki Tupou, Oregon 6-5, 314
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 10
    Post-Combine Skinny: Disappointing. Extremely small hands for a player of his size, lifts were mediocre, and he wasn't one of the more athletic-looking tackles considering his reputation.
    Positives: Former tight end. Athletic … Strong enough … Dominated USF DE George Selvie.
    Negatives: Will take a while to grasp an offense … Not left tackle material and might only be good enough to play on the right side.

    17. Garrett Reynolds, North Carolina 6-8, 309
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 7
    Post-Combine Skinny: It's almost like everyone was expecting more. He didn't move all that well even though he's huge, and the 19 reps were a disaster, long arms or not.
    Positives: Hard worker who’ll do whatever is needed … Good motor with good attitude … Brings it every play.
    Negatives: Not necessarily the most gifted of blockers … Needs to get stronger. Not necessarily a finisher … Height more of a negative than a positive when it comes to leverage.

    18. George Bussey, Louisville 6-3, 305
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 17
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine.
    Positives: Could play guard or tackle … Decent size … Former walk-on who worked his way into an all-star.
    Negatives: Is big, but needs to play up to his size … Not enough of a run blocker to play guard at the NFL level … Not refined enough to play tackle right away.

    19. Jason Watkins, Florida 6-6, 310
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 18
    Post-Combine Skinny: Wasn't At The Combine
    Positives: Great body and size … Long. Long arms, good hands … Excellent upside for a patient team.
    Negatives: Very raw. VERY raw … Not physical enough … Doesn’t have the instincts and struggled last year with his consistency.

    20. Augustus Parrish, Kent State 6-4, 302
    Pre-Combine Position Rank: 19
    Post-Combine Skinny: He wasn't all that smooth in the drills. Mediocre strength lifting 225 just 21 times, but he ran a 5.23.
    Positives: Strong. Great when he locks up on a defender … A decent athlete who’s used to run blocking … Could get a bit bigger.
    Negatives: Not quite big enough to offset the lack of issues against speed rushers … Only a right tackle prospect. Will get an NFL quarterback killed if he plays on the left side (or whatever the blind side is).

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