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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by tm1119, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Round 1- Whitney Mercilus OLB Illinois- Good size, great athletic ability, and good production in college. Plays as situational pass rusher this year and groomed as Spencer's replacement for next year.

    Round 2- Mohamed Sanu WR Rutgers- Our great FA lets us take a great value at WR earlier than expected. Sanu was a 1st round pick until he ran a 4.64 40 at the combine. But that doesnt scare me, he is still a great value here. At 6'2 215 his great size combined with some of the best hands in the draft will make him a very good possession WR in the NFL. Not afraid to go over the middle and move the chains. Also a great blocker.

    Round 3- Josh Norman CB Costal Carolina- Good size and athletic ability and plays best in press coverage. Dominated D2 with 35 pass breakups and 13 career INTS. Had a good senior bowl to quite concerns of his ability to play against top competition. Possible replacement for Jenkins in 1-2 years

    Round 4- Phillip Blake C Baylor- Drafted to compete at C right away and to be an eventual entrenched starter for years to come. Probably the 2nd best C in this draft behind Kronz in my opinion so the value is good here.

    Round 5- Loni Fangupo NT BYU- This is the 1 position myself, and most others, hoped to upgrade this off season. And I think we can still do it late in the draft with a guy like Fangupo. Hes the ideal NT. Short, stout, and incredibly strong. Not an every down player but a good rotational player to let Rat slide to the outside from time to time.

    Round 6- James Hanna TE Oklahoma- Its no secret that we are looking for a 2nd/3rd TE. Hanna provides some versatility with good blocking skills while also a guy teams would have to respect as a receiving threat. Not the freak of nature athlete TE, but knows how to get the job done.

    Comp Pick- Andrew Datko OT FL ST- Started 40 games at LT for FL St before his senior year was cut short early due to shoulder surgery. His health is a legit concern, but if he can stay healthy he will a great value this late in the draft given his pedigree.

    Round 7- Ryan Van Bergen DE Michigan- At 6'6 290 lbs hes worth a look to see if he can make the roster.
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    I can't fully support any draft that has us taking a WR or TE in the 2nd, but I like the rest of this. I'm a big Fangupo fan.
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    Agree and rather go DL in r2 but i like the rest.
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    If someone like Sanu is there I think the we can afford to make the luxury pick. We use a ton of 3 WR sets and we currently dont have a decent 3rd WR on the roster. I wouldnt take just any WR early in the draft, but if the value is right we have to consider it any round but the 1st in my opinion.
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    I don't think we use as many WR sets as one might think because we have Witten. 3 WR's and Witten is basically a 4 receiver set for us.

    Sanu is a good player, I just feel like we have so many needs before we get to receiving options.
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    Not at all a bad effort.

    I'd hope we could drop a few spots before grabbing Merciless but would have felt the same about Ware going into his draft, LOL.

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