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    I have to say THANK YOU NFL!!!for making the change in the rookie salary structure and allowing total mayhem in the first round
    That was probably the most enjoyable first round of any NFL draft i can remember! I loved how the picks were backing up like planes over O'hare
    With respect to the Cowboys, I was in total shock for probably 15 minutes after the move up for Claiborne, then had to scramble to read any scouting report I could find as I never bothered thinking we didnt have a shot at him

    With regards to the second round pick....I have no problems with giving it up to draft one of the 5-6 blue chippers in this draft. Mo is a potential difference maker at a position of need. No Brainer

    Does anyone know the percentage of second round pick that have a 4 plus year career in the NFL. I would guess that it is less than 50% As much as I respect Goose Gosselin, he seemed like a crumudgeon complaining that the price was too high rather than actually give the Cowboys some credit

    Somewhat amusing how pre draft the players seem to be picked at for every little fault real or imagined and post draft you hear " we would have taken him at 6 if so and so wasnt available"
    I had been resigned to accepting Brockers as our pick at 14 which really didnt excite me all that much. Now you hear teams say he would have been selected higher if another player hadnt been available. Poe going that high was a head scratcher also
    Today you hear a number of teams behind Seattle would have grabbed Irvin. Sounds like post draft spin to me

    I am also surprised that Barron did go that high. I mean he is basically a strong safety with some range. Is he the equal of Landry or Sean Taylor (both drafted top 6)? I dont think so but I could be wrong

    Not sure how the rest of the draft will go for the cowboys but right now I am just basking in the glow

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