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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TobiasEagle77, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Congradulations Cowboys fans, your team played lights out (possibly the best I've seen this year) and you guys got exactly what you were hoping for. A couple thoughts.

    - Sean Payton called a great game. It almost seemed like he knew what JJ was calling on defense before the play started. All our blitzes were picked up and your plays always seemed to go right to the weak spot. Sean Payton deserves the game ball, IMO.

    - Good tackling by your defense. The Cowboys executed.

    - Like I said before, you guys got what you were asking for - an aggressive gameplan. From the players to the coaches, your team didn't seem the least bit intimidated, in fact they played to intimidate.

    - Before the game I saw a couple "conspiracy" theories on this board and I'd like to look at them:
    a) One theory was that Reid was over-exagerating his team's injuries for some reason. I don't think that was the case, in fact I can't think of a motive for doing it. McNabb's injuries specifically are legit.
    b) Another theory was that Parcells was holding back for this game. I think there was alot of truth to that. I'm not saying Parcells "threw" any games or accepted defeat, but I do think he was saving parts of his playbook for this game. Especially in the passing game, but also in how he used J Jones. I think the Eagles were expecting runs up the middle of the defense and were caught off guard by all the outside runs.

    - Tyson Thompson is a fumble waiting to happen. That's the only negative thing I can say about your team's play. He's explosive as hell, but someone needs to work with him.

    - Please beat the Giants. PLEASE. Destroy them like you destroyed the Eagles. Giant's fans are gloating over your win as if it was their team. In fact, I'd say they are talking more trash than Cowboys fans are right now. I used to know a couple reasonable Giants fans, but even they have big heads now.

    A few thoughts on my team, I didn't come here to talk about them, but I'll say a couple things.

    - Special teams must be fixed. Our team was dominated on all three phases on Sunday, but it started and ended with special teams. All four phases of the return game need serious attention. Looking back at our other games, this is a consistent problem for us. I think ST is what allowed the Cowboys to get their "foot in the door" and exploit us from their.

    - I'd like McNabb to get the surgery now that we are in the bye week. It turns out that Mike McMahon has some sort of knee injury, he's getting exploratory surgery right now. This may have played a part in keeping McNabb out there, and may keep him out there. I think this is a fluid situation.

    - Finally, our team has suffered worse blowouts in recent years. Atleast one a year. Anyone who thinks the Eagles are done is incorrect. I admit, the "window" is closing in a sense, in that the rest of the division is getting more competetive.

    I look forward to November 14th. One great thing about division games, you always get a rematch. I guarantee the Eagles will be fired up.
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    Appreciate your comments, although I don't buy into BP holding it back for this game.

    We'll be looking forward to the next meeting and also hope we beat the Giants this week.
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    I think this is the first time I've seen a post moved from Opinion zone to cowboys zone.
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    You may want to talk to Brian Cox about that "Sports hernia" He had one.

    4-6 weeks? I don't think so. more like 12-16 weeks. Cox also said that it could take up to a year to get back to 100%.

    Listen to Fox Sports radio today.....I'm sure he'll talk some more about it again today.
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    Good Post !! You are right, things may be different when we come to Philly, i think the next 4 weeks will determine a lot about the direction the NFC East is going.

    As for the Giants game, im sure Parcells and Payton will be fired up for this one. Now wouldnt it be great if Shockey opened his mouth this week to give our defense some bulletin board material :)
  6. The Fonz

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    Thanks class act indeed my hat to you. hope we can whipe the G men for ya.. good luck
    what with the story of T.O and the cowboy jersy?
  7. TobiasEagle77

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    As far as TO and the Cowboys jersey, you've got me. Either he lost a bet, or he's being himself. Ockham's razor = TO is being a jerk.

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    Your a better man than me to post back so early after "THE SLAUGHTER" But how can you not mention TO wearing a COWBOYS jersey. For a teams fans notorious for booing everything including santa clauss, I will lose whatever respect I had left for your fans if he is not mercifully booed when they play their next home game.your thoughts....
  9. Duane

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    Tobias, you're a good guy and I'm glad you visit this forum. Thanks for being a sport after a tough loss.
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    Yep for sure.

    This in my opinion is one of the most over hyped teams in the NFL. Their offense has faced one good defense in SD and was held to 23 or 24 don't remember. Their defense was schooled and gave up 41 points. Their other opponents are below average teams at best. If Dallas plays good it will be a route Giants defense sucks.

    I would not get worried about your team Tobias. Just like what happened to Dallas last week in Oakland I think it will be a wakeup call. They are still the best team in the East and I have no doubt WAS and Giants are about to start fading now that they are playing tougher teams.
  11. Cbz40

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    Tobias, excellent post. It's a pleasure having you on board. The game November 14th will be an all out war.....I'm looking forward to it.
  12. TheSkaven

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    I'll be there, at the 50 yard line, lower level, wearing neutral colors but rooting for the boys. :)

    Your comments are accurate, though I don't think McNabb needs the surgery. He's not the reason that the team lost, and you can't expect to put the game on his back week in and week out. With these same injuries he brought the team back against the Raiders and the Chiefs. No, the thing that needs to be fixed for the Eagles is their defense.
  13. Sarge

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    If McNabb gets the surgery now, he'll most likely miss the rest of the season.

    If he can cut it, he should continue to play.

    Good luck the rest of the season (but not too much good luck.)

  14. 1fisher

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    Good post Tobias..... no smack talk here.... we meet again in a few weeks and I've already had my share of crow.. Should be good.

  15. MichaelWinicki

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    Personally I think there are two major problems with the Eagles. The over reliance on the passing game is potentially devastating for this team when it comes to winning during the playoffs. And the defensive line is merely average at this point. They remind me of last years Cowboys when it comes to rushing the passer. Kearse has lost it. And as we seen without the threat of a pass rush the Eagle corners can be had.

    But they still have McNabb and Westbrook and TO and with those guys they are still dangerours and still the team to beat in the NFC East.
  16. Duane

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    No way anyone in the Eagles secondary, except Dawkins, goes to the Pro Bowl without the pressure they create.
  17. AmarilloCowboyFan

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    J/K, I probably wouldn't wear a Cowboys Jersey there either.
  18. Rockytop6

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    Thanks for visiting this site and welcome. You seem to always keep things in perspective and are usually pretty objective.

    I must admit that I never expected the kind of game that took place Sunday.
    I think one reason is that with Payton calling the plays that Dallas abandoned the close to the vest type of game plan.
    I think McNabb is hurting more than people think. Dallas's defense played great yet MaNabb had people open but couldn't get the ball to them which indicates to me that he is banged up pretty good.
    He has developed into a well rounded and balanced QB.
    I was also surprised the way that Westbrook was neautralized. I don't know if this was his fault; McNabb's faught or what but the entire team seemed to be out of sinc.

    I am not looking forward to playing them in Philly later this season.

    Right now I'm enjoying and relishing every win and taking it one game at a time. I sure home we can pull out a win over the Giants.

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