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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Bob Sacamano, Jan 15, 2009.

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    2nd: Penn State DE Aaron Maybin* - 6'4" 236, 4.67 40
    3rd: San Jose State DE Jarron Gilbert - 6'5" 287, 5.09 40
    4th: South Carolina OT Jamon Meredith - 6'5" 289, 5.09 40
    5th: TCU ILB Jason Phillips - 6'1" 236, 4.58 40
    5th: USC S Kevin Ellison - 6'1" 224, 4.58 40
    6th: Arizona WR Mike Thomas - 5'9" 191, 4.48 40
    7th: Fresno State QB Tom Brandstater - 6'5" 216, 4.8 40
    7th: Texas DT Roy Miller - 6'1" 301, 5.06 40
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    I'm a BIG Penn St fan and I love me some Aaron Maybin but I can't be convinced he's not a project at the NFL level. I just don't see the kid being ready to be a every down player for at least 2 years. He has the frame and all the natural athletic talent in the world but the team that picks him needs to be patient.

    With that said, most are saying he will not make it out of round 1 so if he is there in round 2 when we pick Dallas needs to do some serious thinking.
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    NFLDraftScout has him pegged as a 2nd round OLB
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    So...are you saying we need some help on defense?

    You know we have two #4's?

    One of those NFL Draft guru-type guys on TV has Maybin as a Top 5 overall pick.
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    I like most of it, but why in God's name would you draft a 290 pound OT?? Unless he has the capacity to pack on at least 20 pounds without sacrificing his quickness, he'll never be able to hold up one on one against NFL caliber defensive linemen...

    It should also be noted that South Carolina ranked 97th of 119 teams in total offense, averaging just 316 yards per game and 4.7 yards per play... they were even worse when it comes to run blocking, ranking 112th, and under 3 yards per carry... so it doesn't look like much of anybody was performing at an NFL level on their line...

    Now, you're not the only one who's curiously high on Meredith (at least, curiously to me), NFL Draft Scout rates him a second or third rounder, the 9th best OT on their board and the 77th ranked player overall... don't ask me why...

    I especially like the Gilbert, Phillips and Miller picks... I think Phillips has the skillset to play the weakside ILB in a 3-4...
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    I cant imagine we'd wait that long to go after DB's (particularly safeties) and probably ILB's, because Thomas and Burnett are likely both gone. Unless you are considering Spencer a bust, there's little chance IMO they use the first pick we have on an OLB prospect.

    DE might be a concern if Canty leaves (and I think he will)

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