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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by XxTDxX, Apr 18, 2014.

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    In this scenario Barr, and Donald are both gone..Odell Beckam Jr is on the board and the Carolina Panthers call us up trying to move into our 16th spot because they are worried a team like the Jets, Ravens, and Eagles will all want to take there guy.

    We trade the 16th overall pick which is worth 1000 points for the 28th pick worth 660 points, the 60th pick worth 149 points, the 128th pick worth 44 points, the 168th pick which is worth 25 points, and a 5th round pick in 2015 which is worth about 25 points as well.

    We lose the trade but not by much and in a draft where everyone will be trying to move back it is hard to believe we will be able to trade back and win the trade.

    We then trade up into the top part of the 2nd round with the Browns who have added 2 key pieces and now are looking to add depth. We trade both of ours 4ths which are worth a combined 100 points, our 60th overall we had obtained from the panthers which is worth 300 points, 2 of our 7ths which are worth around 15 points and a future 6th worth about 20 points in exchange for Cleveland's 35th overall pick which is worth 550.

    We win the trade which makes sense due to the amount of teams that are wanting to move back vs the small amount looking to move up. This leaves us with 9 total picks.

    For our last trade on a busy day we trade back into the 4th round using our 158th pick and a future 6th round pick to get the 115th overall pick from the Jets who have 3 4th round picks and more picks overall than they can use this year.

    Round 1 (28): Demarcus Lawrence (DE, Boise State) - Gives us a pass rusher who can play RDE and also plays the run well. Has the athletic ability to be a great player and plays with a great motor and passion

    Round 2 (35): Jimmie Ward (FS, Northern Illinois) - Finally gives the Cowboys a true free safety who can also come up and cover tight ends and running backs. I honestly believe that if ward had played at a big name school he would be the top safety taken in the draft

    Round 2 (47): Dominique Easley (DT, Florida) - This pick is more a projection of what the Cowboys might do if he was sitting here.. I am not a huge fan of the Easley pick mainly due to all the knee issues but the pick gives the Cowboys a extremely versatile defensive lineman who can make an impact at any spots that need help.

    Round 3 (78): Billy Turner (OL, North Dakota St.) - Turner comes in right away and can be a swing tackle and backup guard all in one..assuming he doesn't beat out anyone for a starting spot. He plays with nastiness and is solid in both pass pro and the run game

    Round 4 (115): Josh Huff (WR, Oregon) - Huff gives the cowboys another playmaking receiver who can make things happen with the ball in his hands..Huff lets Terrence Williams remain the starter but can fill in on the outside as well as manning the slot in the 3 wide sets.

    Round 5 (168): Walt Aikens (CB, Liberty) - Aikens tape is very impressive and it seems the Cowboys are very impressed with him.. He is perfectly suited for a zone scheme and is an aggressive player who is not afraid to come up and tackle

    Round 7 (229): Ken Bishop (DT, Northern Illinois) - Bishop has been shooting up boards it seems but with the Cowboys brining him in I find it hard to believe if he is sitting there in the 7th they wouldn't select him.

    Round 7 (251): JC Copeland (FB, LSU) - Copeland gives the Cowboys their first real fullback in quite some time..He also was a former defensive lineman and maybe Marinelli plans to put him back there.

    Round 7 (254): Chris Whaley (DT, Texas) - Former runningback that plays at UT..Reminds some people of Henry Melton and if he reminds the Cowboys of Melton there is no doubt they would take him if he was there in the 7th.

    UDFA Pick Ups:
    Howard Jones (OLB, Shepherd)
    Kerry Hyder (DT, Texas Tech)
    Brandon Dixon (CB, Northwest Missouri St)
    Jonathan Dowling (FS, Western Kentucky)
    Casey Pachall (QB, TCU)
    Davon Coleman (DT, Arizona St.)
    Ik Enemkpali (DE, Louisiana Tech)
    Jeremy Johnson (WR, SMU)
    Nukeese Richardson (WR, Pikeville)
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    That's a good draft. Not a big fan of Lawrence, but I'll take a shot on him at 28 for sure. I absolutely love getting Ward, Turner, Huff and Whaley.

    Realistic list too, as a lot of these guys were brought in for visits.
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    Great Job!
    I may get lambasted, but I would rather take Attaochu than Lawrence at spot 28. I think he continues to climb. There is something about the way Attaochu moves that is not only explosive but looks like he can improve as well.
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    I'd take that.
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    Not the biggest fan of Lawrence either. He just doesn't have the quick burst you should expect from a 255 lb guy. I would rather take a chance on Ford or Attaochu as late 1st round edge rushers.

    Other than that I really like all of the players you targeted
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    35 through 229 is terrific.

    I don't know about Lawrence. He is not the really quick WDE that I was looking for the Cowboys to draft; however, he is a really good college player. His developed skill and run defense is very good. It's possible that he could be Terrell Suggs type. They have a similar build and both are not super quick types.

    About half of your UDFAs will get drafted, IMO.

    Howard Jones (OLB, Shepherd) Probably a 5th or 6th

    Probably 6th or 7th
    Jonathan Dowling (FS, Western Kentucky)
    Davon Coleman (DT, Arizona St.)
    Ik Enemkpali (DE, Louisiana Tech)
    Brandon Dixon (CB, Northwest Missouri St)
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    I agree completely. I like Attachou way better than Lawrence
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    For the people discussing the Lawrence pick I will admit I am not the biggest fan of Lawrence either but I tried to make this mock as realistic as possible and I think at 28 he will be the guy left who they like the most. The Cowboys seem to love him and Bryan Broaddus said he is quite sure they would select him over guys like Crighton and Attaochu. I was actually tempted to take Shazier with that pick lol
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    I agree with you on the UDFA's it is more of a priority list just in case any of those guys don't get picked up.. I really love Dowling but the Cowboys don't seem to so the only way he would have a chance of being here is if he was to go undrafted IMO which we both agree is unlikely.

    EDIT: You never know though with those character guys because guys like Da'rick Rogers were supposed to get drafted as well.
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    Who are yoi referring to as a character guy?
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    maybe he means Lawrence, he got suspended three seperate times at boise i think

    edit, my bad he was talkng about udfa
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    J Dowling

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