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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sitting Bull, Jan 29, 2005.

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    I'm no scout but I watched the game closely (our craphonso season and two first rounders will do that to a man). My observations:

    Anthony Bryant, DT- lifeless bag of meat; no pressure, routinely mauled by Baas (who himself was overmatched by Cody)

    Jeremy Parquet, OT- most of the South oline was slow and grabby but Parquet was particularly horrible; totem-pole-stiff and Roth ran right by him

    Cornelius Wortham, LB- noticed him twice in coverage showing good agility and awareness

    Matt Jones, X-factor- didn’t look natural catching the ball; or running routes; or blocking. But I still like him. I think we should take a shot if he’s there in the fourth, but I can’t tell you why I feel that way...

    Marcus Spears, DT- had to use the Tivo to confirm he played. I've got questions about his motor.

    Antaaj Hawthorne- no stats, but visibly moved the pile and forced several plays before wearing down in the second half. Nasty spin move.

    Kirk Morrison OLB- I’ll take this undersized backer over Fincher; made some great open-field tackles with pop. Seemed aggressive and kinda mouthy, like he’d realized this week that he can play with the big boys. Fincher, by comparison, played smaller and got completely juked on an inside run.

    Sean Considine, DB- made some solid open field tackles and a heady ST play to down a punt inside the 5.

    Bill Swancutt, DE- may be one-dimensional, but the Cowboys need his dimension badly. I predict he’ll routinely kill us after we pass on him.

    Alex Smith, TE- made some really nice grabs, including one over DB Rosegreen for 40-yds

    Charlie Frye, QB- poised and accurate. Very impressive. No idea where he'll go but he made a believer out of me
  2. irvin88

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    Cedric Houston shall be a steal in round 2.
  3. junk

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    Hawthorne has been routinely bashed of late, but I saw the same thing I saw all season. A DT who had the ability to routinely push a guard into the backfield. I would love to get him at 20.
  4. Gaede

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    Random players off the top of my head:

    Campbell QB-Impressive. Big, strong, accurate, excellent pocket presence

    S Atogwe -Made some excellent plays. Couple of hits. Broke up a pass in the endzone late

    RB Houston-Good running ability. Don't think he has breakaway speed, but excellent power and vision

    RB Herron-Knew nothing about him. Looks very capable. Alot like Houston, positives being his power and vision...Hands looked good...Reminds me of Nick Goings.

    RB Sproles-Awesome. I love his style. So quick

    DE Spears-Dissapointed. I didn't see him do much at all

    DT Hawthorne-I like him. Everytime I saw him he was double teamed. Like you said, nice spin move near the end of the game

    DE Swancutt-Wow. Tenacious.

    DE Roth-See Swancutt.

    LB Morrison-Good player.

    TE A. Smith-Very impressed with him...Good enough speed, great hands

    QB Frye-Tough player. Took a beating late in the game and came back strong each time he got hit. I'm not sure about his arm though. The balls he threw looked ugly and floated a little too long

    RB Kay Jay Harris-Very unimpressed. Runs tall and slow

    WR R. Brown-Great athlete. Didn't see the ball much but looked good when he did

    WR Gibson-See Brown. Got a lot more touches though. Looks a little lanky

    TE Holmes-Great hands. I like this player

    WR Matt Jones-I didn't see much from him. I'm sure the QB's were hesitant though throwing to a converted QB

    S James Butler-Sweet INT...Didn't see anything else from him

    CB McFadden-Excellent hitter. Didn't see much action

    CB Travis Daniels-CB I was most impressed with. Looks like a player. Made a n awesome breakup on a pass in the second or third quarter

    CB Elimimian-Seems to be tough for a little guy. Not a starter I don't think but would make an excellent nickle back

    The guys we were reportedly looking at:

    DT Jim Davis-Very impressed with him. Good pressure up the middle multiple times

    LB Leroy Hill-Active. Made alot of tackles early but I didn't see him much after the 1st

    LB Al Fincher-He may be short by NFL standards, but the guy looks like a tank. Made a couple tackles, usually around the ball. I like him. Was always the first player to congratulate another teammate after a good play

    Overall, I was most impressed with these guys:

    Alex Smith
    Travis Daniels
    Herron (because I had no idea what he would be like)
  5. Bobo

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    As a Vols fan, glad to see someone else notice Houston :) But I don't think he'll go in round two because of injury history and how deep the class is. I do however think he has 2nd round talent. He just didn't have a great college career due to injuries and sharing time with other good backs (watch of for Gerald Riggs Jr next year....yeah I know his dad was a Deadskin :p ).

    Roth looked very good, better than I expected. Seems strong for his size, and seems quick and good at shedding blockers. Morrison looked good and very good in space for a MLB. Sproles is super quick and fast. I like the Georgia WR Reggie Brown.
  6. Nors

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    *Morrison - looked good out there
    *Webster - blanketed his guy totally
    *Hawthorne has a nice spin move rush
    *Bryant - the series I watched he did what a 3-4 345 pound DT does - engaged two Oline and did not go backwards. A day 2 3-4 prospect for sure
    *Kay Jay Harris - saw him explode a run and make an impressive catch. At 235 kid brings a load. Perfect Thumper back behind Jones! 4th rounder possibility.
    *Fincher seems to be where the football is
    *Sproles - see Warrick Dunn

    *Alex Smith and Charlie Frye - I feel more confident on previously giving them First round grades.
    * Swancutt may get himelf into 3rd round after showing.
  7. irvin88

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    Houston has had injury problems, but little ones. He's a first round talent IMO, but shall go in the mid-late 2nd. Love him to be a Cowboy. More powerful Travis Henry IMO.
  8. SuspectCorner

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    i didn't get to see but about an aggregate half of football, but spears looked liked he got doubled a lot. i didn't notice him taking plays off. he appeared to be one of the few actually putting pressure on frye. he nearly batted down one of his passes, cut his escape route off on another play, and hit frye as he delivered his last TD pass.
  9. Bobo

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    Yep, no serious injuries, just lots of nagging little ones. I don't know if he'd have the talent to land 1st round with this year's rb class, but may have last year. Someone questioned his break away speed, but I've seen him make quite a few long runs.
  10. chicago JK

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    I haven't watched the game yet but I think Houston is much more likely a fourth or fifth round pick. Some of the jrs will push him down. Fason, the Minny back and others have higher upside. Running backs tend to drop anyway and especially with this deep class. He is a definite option for Dallas in the 4th or fifth round although I prefer other backs. Good size though.
  11. irvin88

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    If Cedric Houston goes in round 4/5 he will be the biggest steal in the last 10 years !!!!!!!!!!
  12. jterrell

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    Thats my take as well. I thought he was overrated early when he was talked about as a top 10 but now some mocks have him round 2 which is way too low. 20-25 is about right. Nothigngat all wrong with one dimensional run stuffers in the middle of a D-line.
  13. lkelly

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    Let's not get carried away here.
  14. Nors

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    Saw Antajj - In a Big 10 game and he was smothered and made zero impression. Today he had a nice spin move and was getting deep into the backfield. Kind of reminded me of Russell Maryland.

    Get Spears, Merriman and Antajj top 3 and I'm cool with it!
  15. junk

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    Hawthorne does disappear at times which is disturbing. I don't know if it is lack of conditioning, lack of desire or what. However, when he is on, he is pretty good in my book. I would be happy to add him. I don't see him as a big sack guy, but perhaps as a guy that could help generate sacks for others.
  16. jimmy40

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    Tom Brady?
  17. Champsheart

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    I see a couple observations on Spears has him invisible.
    I was watching Spears all game, and I thought he did pretty well. He did a good job holding the point on run plays, deflected a pass, nearly deflected another one, had at least 2 or 3 QB pressures, and had a for sure sack or two on plays he was clearly held, and just got to the QB a split second late.

    He actually reminds me a of a bigger Greg Ellis.

    The guy that was a no show IMO was Shaun Cody.

    If I were to rate the play today of the top 4 Defensive Lineman in order it would be -
    1. Swanncut
    2. Roth
    3. Hawthorne/Spears
  18. irvin88

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    bus driver.
  19. Nors

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    Bruce Smith was like that - I was there in person and he just dwarfed the Oline when in fact he was not that much larger. I watch Spears and I see the same - His 300 size and frame - he commands that size and attention. He just looks bigger out there than everyone else. And he has freakish strength - great 3-4 DE. de/dt tweener
  20. Kevlee06

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    With the lack of DT's in the draft Hawthorne's stock will probably be higher than normal. I dont see him dropping our of the first round. And if he has a good showing at his pro day then he'll probably secure himself a spot in the top 20.

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