Pray for Matt Schaub....on his way to the RAIDERS

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by manster4ever, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Schaub hurt his foot a season or so ago & he has not been the same since.

    He lost all his confidence & played scared. And just turned into a turnover machine. Prior to that as somebody else said he was decent with very good production.
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    Arian foster had 542 yards last year.

    Before that?


    You're telling me that HUGE dip didnt make a significant change in the entire offense???? Lets at least be real here.
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    Poor Schaub. He gets to leave the hot and humid climate of Houston for a fresh start in the Bay Area. He does not have to live in OAK, he can live anywhere nearby, most likely San Fran or thereabouts for almost perfect weather and conditions year round.

    He will probably be their best QB that they have had in awhile. He is not great, maybe not even good, but he should be capable as long as he clears his head.

    I wonder if OAK will still take one of the big three QB's or go in another direction.
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    No, I am not saying that a huge dip in their rushing production didn't impact their offense. I said they weren't a poor rushing team. They were just average in 2013. If Shaub was a great QB then he could have done just fine with an average rushing game. He isn't good enough. He needs to have a very good running game around him. My opinion was that their change in rushing did impact how well Shaub did, but it still wasn't a poor rushing team. Really they just ran it less. They ran it around 100 fewer times than they did the season before and still averaged the same yards per rush.

    I've kept it real. Shaub is a product of the system. He is not what makes the system great. He benefited from a strong dedication to the run the previous few years and once they didn't do that this year he struggled.
  5. casmith07

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    Don't know about that. Schaub honestly might need Tommy John. His throws look like wet noodles.

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