Praying for Luke

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by Wimbo, Sep 12, 2008.

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    I am trying to. Don't forget, Luke is in Oregon and we don't play there.
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    Dear Heavenly Father, ... we lift Luke up to you during this difficult difficult time he is fighting through. We know you are the great physican, and we ask for your healing power to pour over Luke. We ask that you comfort him and take this pain from him.

    We also lift his parents & family up to you, give them the strength to be strong to get through this ordeal.

    We also lift his doctors and nurses up to you, asking that you help them make all of the right diagnosis', and that all of their decisions are correct and further his healing.

    We pray that Luke is able to defeat this cancer and goes on to live a long and fruitful life.

    in Jesus name, Amen

    ... it is so good to see so many people reach out to God in prayer, ... and it is awesome to have a God that hears us, listens when we pray to him, and answers our prayers.
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    God bless you Luke and please know that God has a perfect plan for your life.

    I'm praying for you! Keep fighting.
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    With Tears in my eyes, I close my office door and get down on my knees to repeat this prayer.

    My heart, and prayers go out to Luke and his family.

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    Best wishes to you, Luke, and your folks.

    I look forward to you doing well and rooting with us for America's Team.
  6. GimmeTheBall!

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    Now I am all misty eyed and for once it's not the pepper spray.

    That kid's smile could melt an iceberg.
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    Wow, just wow.

    I hate to see Kids that are sick, but they just seem to take it in their stride.

    I just hope & pray that Luke pulls through this.

    Please pass on our best wishes from this set of Cowboy fans in England.
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    My prayers are with Luke and his family
  9. Nors

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    Any update on this story?
  10. Hostile

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    Hello Family and Friends,

    Luke was scheduled for chemo today at 10:30. Derek and I had planned for a long day, and even drove two separate cars to the hospital to make sure Derek could leave if needed for the other children. So we get there, access the port, draw the blood, and the doctor comes in and tells us Luke’s counts are too low. Luke gets a smile on his face like a kid on Christmas morning! Derek and I just look at each other, mentally readjusting our schedules for next week thinking today would be the last of his four week session. So we’ll be back next Thursday and try again. Unfortunately after taking out the port, Luke started to get sick (we think the association thing again). As we were LEAVING, Luke threw up about four times-too late for the pan, and all over the main hallway to the waiting room. It’s really sad when he throws up and it’s technically not related to chemo medication! But he still had energy to run to the elevator and “get out of here!” (Luke’s words)

    Luke was really tired, so we let him stay home from school. Later in the day his energy picked up and he played basketball with his friend Andrew outside. Then we watched the end of Zachary’s football practice. As I finish this entry, he’s very tired, so I’m going to wrap this up and put him to bed. We (excluding Luke) are disappointed in his low counts because it just delays the inevitable, but in some ways it is nice to have a relatively quiet Thursday. We’ll need to really watch him as he is more susceptible to infection. Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers. I read your notes to Luke each time they are posted. In fact he actually approached a man he didn’t know at our church (the man attends a different time session) and Luke said, “Do you know who I am?” The man said no, and Luke said, “I’m the boy with the power port. Haven’t you read about me?” I quickly intervened and explained. The poor man looked so confused. Luke certainly isn’t shy about recruiting potential fans!

    We are so thankful for the angels in our lives that do so many things for our family. It does not go unnoticed. It touches our hearts and makes our family stronger. We are eternally thankful and eternally in your debt.


    Shannon and Family

    Luke’s note this week-

    To my fans,
    I didn’t have chemo because my counts were too low. They were too low because the bad guys were winning and we were losing. My mom played my song [Praan] in the car and I could feel the force. Do you believe me?
    I am a big fan of the Cowboys and when the new stadium is opened next weekend [year] I will go there. I might drive or I might take an airplane. I like the whole team.


    Luke Staley
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    makes me wish i could take that little guys spot...he is supposta be running around chasing girls with worms in his hands (or thats what i did :D) not suffering... My prayers and thoughts and wishes of the best go to luke
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    my family and I will pray for Luke and his family. May god be with you lil one.
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    Thanks for the update - some things are more important than a Sunday win or loss
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    Any update on how little Luke is doing? He's been in my heart and prayers and we haven't heard how the little guy is doing for a while now.
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    I just read this thread for the first time and all I can say My eyes are tearing up and everyone at work is looking at me like I'm crazy. My thoughts and prayers are with Luke and his family. He is a beautiful boy and SUCH a trooper. God bless!
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    Wow, just wow..I don't know how I missed this but what a great little guy...My Prayers are with Luke and his family.

    When the season ends I guarantee some of the guys would pay Luke a visit. Please, please anyone who can help make this happen please do!
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    The other post about Ian reminded me to update this thread...

    This is from October 27,2010 on Luke Staley.

    Dear Family and Friends,

    Today was our miracle. Luke's tumor is not growing. What a wonderful, fabulous day! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We feel truly blessed to have all of you in our lives. Thank you.

    The Staley Family

    PS Thank you Nancy Ryles Elementary for all the encouraging messages today.

    Luke writes:

    When I was in the MRI tube they had a mirror in the head holder. I could see the corner of my mom's head. My mom rubs my feet when I'm in the tube. When I was getting the needle poked in my hand the nurse said I had good veins. I stayed awake for this MRI. The noise was very loud even though I had earplugs on. I moved once and we only had to do one redo. But I stayed still for the rest of the time. Thanks for praying for me. After I got my needle in they let me pick a stuffed animal. They had football team bears. I picked out a Dallas Cowboy bear. His name is Sanders. The number on his back is 21. Thank you for reading this. Bye.


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    I didn't even know he had a new tumor. I feel terrible for not being updated on this. Hopefully PF is doing okay. He hasn't posted in a while.
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    I signed up for updates on his Caring Bridge site. Sorry I didn't put any recent updates here until now. It's amazing - I don't know PF or his son, but I have prayed for that boy alot.
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    Praying for you Luke. And hope that you get better. Praying for the rest of your family as well. Keep us up to date!

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