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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by LatinMind, Jan 2, 2008.

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    1. Miami Dolphins - Chris Long DE Virginia
    Dorsey, and a Trade is possible here, but Long will produce more.

    2. St Louis Rams - Glenn Dorsey DT LSU
    Starting to build a solid DL. This could move Carriker to his natural posistion.

    3. Atlanta Falcons - Matt Ryan QB Boston College
    Safe pick, but might need a yr to be groomed?

    4. Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden RB Arkansas
    Davis wont let a guy like McFadden go any further down.

    5. KC Cheifs - Brian Brohm QB Lousiville
    Scared of the black QB, and its a black coach! lol

    6. NY Jets - James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State
    Mangini screws Belichick over again, and besides rumors are they're going to trade Vilma.

    7. NE Patriots(SF) - Jake Long T Michigan
    BPA, and the Pats had OL injuries this yr. Safe pick

    8. Baltimore Ravens - Andre Woodson QB Kentucky
    The next McNair.

    9. Cincinnati Bengals - Sedrick Ellis DT USC
    Something has to be done about their DL

    10. NO Saints - Malcolm Jenkins CB Ohio State
    They cant cover anybody.

    11. Buffalo Bills - Limas Sweed WR Texas
    He's th most complete WR, injury hurt his yr.

    12. Denver Broncos - Kenny Phillips S Miami
    I think they sign Briggs to erase LB needs.

    13. Carolina Panthers - Calais Campbell DE Miami
    Mike Ruckers replacement.

    14. Chicago Bears - John David Booty QB USC
    This might be the steal of the draft.

    15. Detroit Lions - Vernon Gholston DE Ohio State
    They need a DE bad. Or another WR.

    16. Arizona Cardinals - Sam Baker T USC
    Familiar with Leinart, and could team with Brown for a very good young set of tackles.

    17. Minnesota Vikings - Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma
    Somebody has to catch the ball. Watch for a Possible trade, Clevland?

    18. Houston Texans - Jonathon Stewart RB Oregon
    This is the biggest no-brainer of the draft.

    19. Philadelphia Eagles - Fred Davis TE USC
    Gives Mcnabb a target LJ Smith was before the injuries.


    21. Washington Redskins - Derek Harvey DE Florida
    Carter can do it all.

    22. TB Bucaneers - Keith Rivers LB USC
    Type of LB for the tampa 2

    23. Seattle Seahawks - Ryan Clady T Boise State
    JOnes cant play forever.

    24. Pittsburgh Steelers - Antoine Cason CB Arizona
    This could also be a T, Ottah

    25. Tennessee Titans - Desean Jackson WR Cal
    Clearly this team needs speed. First they need to teach Young how to be a QB.

    26. NY Giants - Dan Connor LB Penn State
    Aggressive and te Ability to make tackles. Atleast somebody will.

    27. SD Chargers - Mike Jenkins CB USF
    About to lose atleast 1 CB.

    28. Jacksonville Jaguars - Lawrence Jackson DE USC
    Big, and athletic. Isnt that what the Jags always pick?

    29. GB Packers - FRank Okam DT Texas

    30. NE Patriots - FORFEIT

    31. SF Niners(INDY) - Kentwan Balmer DT/DE UNC
    Bryant Youngs replacement

  2. CowboyWay

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    I can apprecieate taking a DB that can do it all, and its probably the smart thing to do, I don't think we pass on Cason if he is there.

    Also, I like Bowman more than Doucet, but thats just me.

    Other than that, good work though. I love reading these.
  3. AmishCowboy

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    If Cason's there, I believe we'll take him.
  4. CowboyWay

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    I agree, that being said, I don't see any scenario where he's there at 22. You have to remember the insane money CB's are getting in FA. Nobody wants to pay that type of coin. So if you can pick up one of the best, if not THE best corner in college, and pay him pennies on the dollar, teams will do it all day long.
  5. Verdict

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    Smith could also serve as a "return man" as well.
  6. texbumthelife

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    I keep seeing mocks where a d-lineman goes first overall. That is simply not going to happen. If thats how the talent breaks down then trades will happen.

    Also, I would rather have Okam first and then a CB with the second pick.
  7. CowboyWay

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    I wouldn't be so sure about that. I'm sure you're talking about Glen Dorsey, DT from LSU. The kid is phenomenal. Reminds me of a young warren sapp. And Sapp went very high as well in the draft. I'm not going to say Miami definetely takes him, but they will look very hard at him, and rest assured he will be a top 5 pick.
  8. dallasfan

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    Very unlikely this guy goes in the first 2 rds, let alone 11th pick.

    Just not a first rd pick either. I can see someone reaching at the top of the second, but most likely mid to late second

    Won't get past the Jets (6th) and NE (7th)

    Definately possible, but not a no brainer. This team could still use a LB, CB, or a LT.

    Again not going in the first and isn't that athletic. Was definately productive but I think teams will look at all the talent around him and he'll slip to rd 2.

    BPA, really? Another guy who won't be a first rd pick
  9. silverbear

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    Bowman will be a MUCH better pro WR than Doucet...
  10. silverbear

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    Seems that you're predicting based on bias, rather than what the pundits are saying... NFL Draft Countdown has Sweed their 9th rated player, which is clearly a first round pick... Mel Kiper has Limas rated 21st overall, again a first rounder... Football's Future has him 25th... Consensus Draft Services (CDS) has him their 38th ranked player, which would make him a solid second rounder... NFL Draft Scout has him rated the lowest of any draft site I've found, at 56th, which again would be a second rounder... Walter's Football Site's Mock Draft has Sweed going at pick 39...

    Sweed's average draft position on those 6 websites is 31.3, which is late first round range... I'd suggest it's only that low because of the wrist injury that ended his season about midway through, and if he runs well at the combine or at his Pro Day workout, his draft stock will only improve...

    I'm a Horns fan, and even I think that Okam is an overrated underachiever... once again, though, your prediction doesn't exactly reflect a consensus among the draft gurus online, as three of the six draft websites I've cited here have Frank going in the late first round-- NFL Draft Countdown has him 26th, Football's Future has him 27th, Walter's Football Site has him 26th...

    At this point, I feel safe in predicting that both Sweed and Okam will come off the board somewhere between picks 20 and 40... I believe that Sweed will eventually live up to that draft grade, while Okam will not...
  11. lkelly

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    Where's the corner from Kansas? Corners without any major red flags always go early and he certainly looks like he has enough talent to land in the mid first round.
  12. Bob Sacamano

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    yuck, Doucet in the 1st
  13. marchetta

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    Early Doucet WR LSU​

    Early has excellent size, strength, speed and quickness to be an tremendous WR at the next level. He is very smart and does a solid job running routes against one on one coverage and zone coverage. He is a good blocker and understands situational football, which means he understands how to adjust routes and keep the chains moving. Early shows very good strength and stamina and should be able to handle the bump and run techniques that will be used against him at the next level. In fact, I would have to say that Early has the prototypical skills that all teams are looking for in a potential #1 WR for the team that drafts him.

    Early has not started that many games because of the talent at WR the last few years on his college team. There’s still a big question mark about how well mentally he will be able to handle the pressure at the next level of a #1 WR. It’s a legitimate question that Early will have to find a way to answer if he wants to be drafted in the 1st round of this draft. Also, consistency in his overall game will need to be upgraded. I do not believe that lack of consistency will be a serious problem once he receives more repetitions as a starter.


    There is no doubt about Early’s athletic talents to play WR at the next level. He reminds me of Reggie Wayne (WR Indianapolis Colts). Like Reggie when he came out, Early will have to answer the same questions about mental strength and consistency. Remember, Reggie has been able to play with Marvin Harrison who took a lot of pressure off of him while he learned to handle that pressure. I’m not sure if Reggie would have made it if he did not have Marvin and Peyton to see him through the tough times early in his career. Early is stronger physically than Reggie and this could make a big difference in his LTI. I like this kid’s game, but I think you have to be really careful where he is picked in this draft. I think if he is picked too early and taken by a team that is in need of a #1 WR right away, he will struggle and might not make it. Draft him in the latter part of the first round by a team that made the playoffs and has good coaching and in three years he should blossom into a hell of a #1 WR. The problem is that if you need a top flight WR and you’re a team that picks in the top ten of this draft, you have to pick this kid. If that’s what happens, then all I can tell you is be patient. If you are, then your reward will be an excellent #1 WR.

    - Drew Boylhart (


    Antoine Cason CB Arizona​

    Antoine has excellent size, strength and speed to play multiple DB positions for the team that drafts him. He is a good tackler and has excellent intelligence to go along with some good leadership skills. Antoine is an excellent zone cover corner who understands match-up zone coverage better than most CB’s that are in the NFL right now. He also has solid man-to-man cover skills, but his true strength is his intelligence and ability to understand zone coverage like a coach on the field. Antoine has the size and strength to cover those big WR’s and pass catching TE’s that every team is looking for and also has the ability to move inside in nickel and dime situations. He has the talent to match-up as a cover CB on an island against those tall WR’s in the red zone. I call him Antoine (The Brain) Cason. Do I really need to explain?


    Antoine is not going to cover those little bug-like WR’s and he will be susceptible to double moves because he has those long legs that will always make it difficult to recover quickly. This is not a real problem because Antoine can overcome this issue with his intelligence.

    I am not sure I have ever seen a kid that has a better understanding of zone coverage than this kid. He doesn’t take false steps, he knows exactly where he is on the field and he understands when to let the WR go in the zone. He also understands when a team floods his zone, what player is his priority and does not get confused. Antoine likes the play in front of him and because he is a good tackler, he could easily play the Free Safety position in a single safety defensive scheme. He has good man-to-man cover skills, but he excels in zone coverage along with excellent leadership skills. When you draft Antoine, you will be drafting a player who will keep your DB’s all on the same page on every snap. If I were in the same division as the Detroit Lions, Antoine would be very high on my list. He will be able to cover that fade route against the larger WR’s without a problem and that alone is worth drafting him. Antoine will have some difficulty covering one on one players like Steve Smith, Roscoe Parrish, Randle El, but as I have been saying throughout this profile, he is also smart enough that when he has to cover those type of WR’s, they better run their routes correctly because he will jump all over any mistakes they might make. I’m calling him Antoine (The Brain) Cason because he is like a coach on the field.

    - Drew Boylhart (
  14. sharph20

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    I really hope we get this kid every time I see him I am impressed. I love this because sometimes the mental part of the game is completely underrated.
  15. CowboyWay

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    Skyler Green

    I'm pretty much done with players from the bayou.
  16. dallasfan

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    That's 6 out of the what, 1000s of draft websites on the net. Neither player will be a first round pick, jmo. I have nothing against either player, and wouldn't mind us drafting Okam in the 2nd, I just don't think either player is good enough to go that high.

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