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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Jul 25, 2013.

  1. CowboyMcCoy

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    What's your prediction for this team's record going in to preseason, having not seen our new talent and not knowing about our other developing talent?

    At this point, my prediction is 8-8. But that's subject to change as things progress or degress.
  2. dstovall5

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    For the season I think we'll have a record of 9-7 with a decent chance at 10-6. If our defense shows up ready to play and if our running game can be average or better, then we SHOULD be able to walk into the play offs. You never know how injuries are going to play out though, and we could end losing a very valuable player.

    As for pre season record I can care less, I just want to see us show positive things leading up to the season.
  3. Doomsday101

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    10-6. Went 8-8 with a beat to hell defense last season. I think it gets a lot better this season.
  4. pugilist

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    I think everyone is buying way too much into the defense just magically coming together in its first year. switching from a 3-4 to 4-3 is a big deal philosophy wise and it will take a few years for the defense to get where it needs to be (getting the right personnel, grasping the scheme, and cutting out the mental and physical breakdowns along the way). The Crawford injury doesn't help with an already depth weak d-line and not much out in FA (other than Abraham whom the cowboys can't afford).

    Offensively I don't see much improvement on the o-line from last season, so I don't feel confident that Romo can 1.) go through is progressions effectively which can lead to mistakes and 2.) stay healthy. I do like the drafting of Randle and think he'll be a huge asset in the rush game, but what good is that if nobody can block? Ultimately I think it will be another disappointing year.

    and please don't bring up anecdotal tweets from this year's training camp attempting to prove otherwise, teams always look great in TC. We'll get a better idea of what to expect after the 2nd or 3rd preseason game..
  5. laythewood28

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    11-5 easier schedule and I believe our D will be much improved.
  6. The Quest for Six

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    8-8 sounds about right for this team, team lows in take aways last year with 16, 31st in rushing and the one change on the offensive and defensive line is Fredericks......and listening to Jerry the other day state that the personel isn't the problem is very delusional....this team is very weak in the interior offensive and defensive lines IMO and has been for years.....and Jerry just doesn't seem eager to address them and until he does with top picks in the draft, this team isn't winning any championship....
  7. Ren

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    10-6 and this is coming from someone who had us going 7-9 the last 2 seasons.

    We had the worst injury season in recent memory last year and just getting injured players back makes us better. Lee and Carter are 2 of our best players you don't lose players like that and not feel it.

    Word coming out of camp (i know it's early) is that Free looks really good, he didn't always suck so if he can find his old form that got him that huge contract our OL should be better. Fredricks should help as well he might not have a huge impact this year but just having a OC that isn't competing with our RBs for the hand off right off the snap is an improvement and he'll only get better.

    Schedule looks more friendly as well but i have a feeling that a lot of the "easy games" on there will be a lot harder then they look on paper but it still doesn't scare me

    I am not sure why but i just have a really good feeling about this team that i haven't had in a few years
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  8. Cowboy4ever

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    12- 4

    As someone pointed out in another thread, we had an 11-5 pass offense with a 4-12 pass defense, thus the 8-8 season. I think the offense will be even better and I am extremely confident that the D will be much improved (Better coaches and less injuries). This team is ready to make noise. Bring it on.
  9. Heelsboy

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    I am going to go with 11-5 at least and winner of our division. We went 8-8 with half our team injured.

    I believe our defense will be vastly improved from last year. On offense an improved line, improved RB output and a monster year from Dez is a formula for special things to happen this year for this team.
  10. Section444

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    This is so hard. On paper, we're probably an 11-5 type of team, reality is that we'll likely end up in the 9-7 range. It's hard to go much higher until they actually prove something. There have also been so many changes (OC, DC, etc...), some of which will take time to gel.
  11. CATCH17

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    Hard to say.

    Definetely 7-9 at worst and 10-6 at best.

    We could easily finish in 1st or in last in this division. This division is really the toughest to call.

    I don't believe in Jerry, I don't believe in Garrett, and i've lost a lot of confidence in Romo in win or go home games. I don't feel the Romo magic anymore like I did when he first came on the scene.

    Anyways.. It's July. 10-6 Baby!!!
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  12. superpunk

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    12-4 minimum if our pass defense can be top 12 in opponent passer rating allowed for the season and Romo plays all year.
  13. Lonestar94

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    The homer in me says 12-4

    Realistically I think we'll go 10-6 and win a playoff game.
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  14. Hoov

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    10-6 and division winner. Also win a playoff game, lose in the division round
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  15. OhSnap

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    This could be the first year since 07 that we sneak up on a couple teams. 11-5
  16. hornitosmonster

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    7-9 to 11-5, possibly 12-4 if things click and the ball bounces are way
  17. blindzebra

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    13-3...Romo wins MVP, Ware wins DPOY, Garrett wins COY and we hoist number 6.
  18. sadams

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    80% of NFL teams are 8-8 squads. 5% are easily better. 5% are easily worse. Injuries, schedule and a couple of breaks, make up the rest.
  19. Pessimist_cowboy

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    11-5 healthy defense, better run game .
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  20. FiveRings

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    Division title
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