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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboyMcCoy, Jul 25, 2013.

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    Keeping in mind that this team managed 8-8 last year with virtually no running game, a train wreck on the offensive line, one of the worst pass defenses in the NFL, and more starters out for weeks at a time (or for the rest of the season) than I can remember in years, it's unbelievable that they were involved in a meaningful game in week 17.

    That said, it seems reasonable to think that they should be able to do better this year just by staying relatively healthy, but team health doesn't convince me. What really needs to happen is significant improvement in a couple of areas of play: pass defense and the running game, the former being the most vital need. Will this happen? I have no idea. We'll just have to wait and see. And because of that, I find it very difficult to predict a record.
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    I don't watch games that I expect the Cowboys to lose...and I watch all games, therefore I expect the Cowboys to win all games. Will I be disappointed? Most likely. All losses disappoint me, but it doesn't stop me from looking for a win the next week before the game has even started. Part of the fun in following football for me is the individual player development and trying to figure out who will be the next guys to step up into playmaking positions.
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    11-5 / 2 playoff wins / 4-2 in the East
    Slaughter the Skins in Dallas
    ATT becomes home friendly
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    And also the fact that we were tied for first with QB interceptions, weird how we were 8-8 when we should of been 4-12. +
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    8-8 should be your base line. Next year you will be better than last year so it is almost guarantee you will have more wins.

    11-5 seems more likely to me. You improved enought o get 3 extra wins imo.
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    Well, that's true, but look at his number of pass attempts and his INT% last year. His percentage was actually pretty good, better, in fact, than in 2007 when he had a great season. The problem was his attempts. 648 pass attempts in one season is just way, way too much...for any QB really. Had he thrown his yearly average of attempts last season (an average that doesn't include last years gigantic number or his shortened years due to injury or taking over for Bledsoe), he would have only thrown 14 interceptions.

    That said, there are a few things about his game that I wish he would (could?) change...and one of those is simply throwing the ball away when there's nothing there. To me, that is really the only criticism of him that is justified.
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    Heading into training camp, I would say 9-7. I have not yet seen where I should expect a better season on the injury front. We are thin and old on D-line, have unproven Safeties and sub-par guards. I give them an extra win just based on being better at Center, a full year of Dez at peak level and what I think is a better back-up running back to step up when Murray has his annual injury. If they come out of preseason healthy and the Safeties look adequate, then I will most likely bump up to 10-6.
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    Someone pointed out in another thread that teams that have had our passer rating over the last 2 years have had a 11-5 record on average, and teams that have had our defense passer rating have averaged a 4-12 record. So it makes sense that as a team we've been 8-8, because basically we're a 11-5 passing offense team with a 4-12 passing defense.

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