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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sandyf, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Predicting Cowboys will acquire 4 additional picks, a second, a third. fifth and a seventh.

    Free Agents signed before draft:
    Henry Melton DT
    Greg Jenning WR

    18. Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan - he is predicted in the top ten for now but will eventually drop after the combine because two or three QB will rise along with a couple of other premier position. Great feet, strong, good run blocker and pass protector, could play LT if needed also. Parnell will start at RT but Fisher will take his place early in the season.

    47. Eric Reid S LSU - would be our FS in the Tampa 2 although I wish Dallas could sign Jarius Byrd in FA it probably will not happen. Reid is a great cover safety but needs more discipline and Kiffin will turn him into a Rhonde Barber type.

    50. Barrett Jones OC Alabama - he falls if for nothing else, injury concerns. Great at line calls, great run blocker, average pass blocker but an extremely smart player that leaves all on the field. Shouldn't to worry about any snaps with him. I can see a trade with the Bears here.

    66. Margus Hunt DE SMU - he is a freaky athlete and being shown from the 1st round through the 5th round. Raw, great height, weight, very good speed, just learning the burst off the line. Don't think he understands the game quite yet and it will show at the combine and individual workouts but he has great upside and would be a great pick in the early third. Could see a trade with the Raiders here.

    80. Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina - if healthy he could have been a top 15 selection now concern is will he be ready for the season. He won't go in the top two rounds and probably should be a 4th round selection but he is worth the shot if the doctors give him an okay. He and Murray could really punish the defense.

    111. Nico Johnson MLB Alabama - has the discipline to play any scheme, game changer, very good speed and excellent football player, wraps up on tackles the correct way, good cover LB. Should be a good backup to Lee.

    144. Brandon Williams DT Missoui Southern St. - the key word here is potential, potential to be a great one or another bust pick but it this point would be a solid investment.

    146. Keith Plough OLB Howard - small school guy that plays like a big school guy, great at tackles for loss, speed yet to be determined but always around the football, perfect guy for the SAM position.

    175. Tyrann Mathieu CB LSU - if he interviews well he could go higher but regardless he is a guy that Calvin Hill will take under his wing. Really probably only a 3rd or 4th corner but would become a #1 return guy much like Devin Hester. Dallas might not want to take a chance but all indications are that he has turned his life around.

    208. Michael Williams TE Alabama - he is everything John Phillips wasn't, soft hands, great routes, an excellent blocker, 100 percent effort on every play.

    Joe Kruger DE Utah
    Dave Kruger DT Utah
    Cody Davis S Texas Tech
    Cierre Wood RB Notre Dame
    Brad Wing P LSU
    Collin Klein QB Kansas St.
    Knile Davis RB Arkansas
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    Bro, wth(eck) are you predicting exactly?

    They aren't getting any extra picks.
  3. xwalker

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    You've got time for a do-over before the edit button goes away...
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    I...I don't think I could even do this on Madden.
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    Good try, except...
    Maybe you should explain exactly how they expect to have these picks fall out of the air.

    Also, regarding Fischer, OT is a premium position.

    Reid or Jones int he 2nd works. Again, not sure how you hope to get both unless you trade down to pick up extra picks while giving up our 1st.
  6. cowboysooner

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    Great Draft!

    To get Knile Davis and Cierre Wood as an UDFA would be all kinds of awesome!

    Pretty excited to root for Greg Jennings and Melton next year too. Do you know where the Super Bowl is next year?
  7. ninja

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    Absolutely awesome. Even better when you consider we will acquire 4 additional picks, a second, a third. fifth and a seventh by trading Free, Ratliff and Austin.:D
  8. DFWJC

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    Devin Hester can run backwards and beat Honey Badger in the 40 :D
  9. Shinywalrus

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    How would you acquire a second, third, fifth and seventh by trading Free, Ratliff and Austin?

    Do we intend to steal the second and third round picks at gunpoint? I admit that would be interesting, especially if we were able to steal them from an NFC East foe.
  10. Rack Bauer

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    Isn't Lattimore going back to school?
  11. tko112204

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    No, he declared.

    And this is the craziest mock I've ever seen. I mean, it would be a great draft and Melton and Jennings would be awesome, but still... This is a little out there.
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    SandyF, thanks for the effort. Now, the responses to your post are the funniest that I've seen in the ten years I've been here. I'll go to bed laughing.

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