Predict the Cowboys Draft Approach

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by rcaldw, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. rcaldw

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    Ok, just an interesting way to see how most of us are thinking about the draft.

    NOT, what do YOU think the Cowboys OUGHT to do, but trying to get into the minds of Parcells and the Jones', what do you think the Cowboys WILL DO?
  2. neosapien23

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    Marcus McNeil will be there at 18 and to the dismay of everyone, BP will trade that pick. He will trade down about 6-8 spots and get a another 2nd pick. He will draft Max Jean Guilles with our low number one and Deuce Lutui with our high second pick. With our other number 2 pick he will take Kai Parham after talking to Al Groh. Expect Allen to be gone and Rivera benched if he isn't is old self. At RT, he will bring in another band aid. Hopefully Barry, but BP will go with old and take Runyan.
  3. jbsg02

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    you certainly have it all figured out
  4. Big D

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    BP seems to have better luck with defensive players so it would be best if he stuck with what he knows. With the way BP approaches the games offensively, a dominant defense wouldn't be such a bad thing to have.
  5. juice28

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    Tell the're Mel Kiper aren't you?
  6. neosapien23

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    No just trying to be realistic. Stephen Jackson fell awhile back and people, including myself, were complaining about not taking him. I think the same thing will happen this year. McNeil will be there and BP will trade that pick away. I don't think he can get another number one pick next year so he takes a low number 1 this year. I think BP is not happy with Rivera or Allens play so he will let Allen go and bench Rivera. Instead of grabbing Barry, BP will take a proven vet since he wants to win now. I wouldn't mind taking two guards because we need them, but I would target Barry. However, we all know BP likes players past their prime and Runyan fits the bill. We really need a tackle, but we also need two guards. Maybe a tackle will slip even further and we can go tackle in the first and guard in the second. One thing is for sure BP will trade down.
  7. juice28

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    That's a great post, but I'm not convinced BP will trade down. It would be a PR nightmare for Jones. But if anyone has the guts to trade down, it's Parcells.
  8. CowboyExpress

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    I would like to see us go heavy on the offensive line (In both draft and FA) but I have this irky feeling in the back of my mind that Parcells will simply for the most part write-off the bad play of the OLine to fluke injuries. If he does that and Allen comes back for one more year, he could see only one guard position as 'loose'. And depending on the personal progress he thinks he's seeing in those positions may just not draft or sign anyone significent there. Think about it, if Allen, Flozell and Marco all play up to their potential, and Petitti I believe will be given at least one more year starting to see what he has, then we only have that center position that's up in the air.

    That all being said, I think we go defense heavy in the draft again. Would not be surprised to see a DT or a CB/FS taken in the first two rounds. Glover is more than likely gone and I don't know about the rest of you but Fergy didn't go very far to impressing me this year. And if we're going to stick with this 3-4 then a big body to anchor the center of that line would be nice.

    Then in Free Agency Kicker & WR become our primary goals.
  9. Chuck 54

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    Serious, immediate problems must be addressed in FA.

    The draft will be fairly easy to predict after that.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    Offense = most free agents and late round draft picks
    Defense = few free agents and early round draft picks.

    Book it.
  11. KD

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    I agree that the Cowboys will trade down. Our #1 for a 2nd, 3rd and maybe a late round pick depending on how far down we drop.

    We need a playmaker at the WR position but there are few impact WR's in this draft. OT is deep this year and so is the FS spot.

    Our picks, who knows? Parcells could go a number of ways and you never know who drops. But trading down seems to be the best choice at the moment because of how deep this draft is turning out to be.

    My guess, we go WR early. We are old at the position and while Crayton looks good, probably just #2 at best. WR's take a few years to develop and Parcells hopes he can get a #1 in a weak class of Wr's to help push towards a SB in his final year.

    On a side note, I think Parcells likes our LB's at the moment and doesn't want to have to develop another linebacker. Burnett next to James should be a good combo next year for us. Ware, nuff said. I actually like Fujita and think parcells does too. We will see shortly when he resigns. Big money = Starter, hell even decent money in the range of 2 million a year = starter. Parcells won't pay him more than a million to be a backup. Fujita had never played in the 3-4 before and I think he did a decent job his first year. Plus he's big 6'5 255+ is very smart and has good speed.

    so my guess is

    2nd WR
    2nd FS
    3rd OL
    3rd LB

    it's early lots will change after the scouting combines and free agency
  12. JackMagist

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    The question is what do I think they WILL do not what I think they SHOULD do. So to that question I think they will go heavy on the Offense and expecially on the OL. That works well for a couple of years down the road when Pettiti comes into his own and the young guys we draft are starting to come on but it does nothing for us in the short term. We will just end up for a couple of years with a whole bunch of young guys that the fans are screaming for their heads because they won't be ready to play.
  13. cowboyjoe

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    I think several things are going to happen and if they do, then this is way they approach the draft.
    First, I heard that Jerry Jones mentioned that they would focus heavy in the draft on linebacker and wr. You got to add in a free safety to that mix too because Parcells said that they needed to address that issue, and the way they tried to activate Woodson tells you what they think of their safeties. Then, you add in a quality kicker. Also, I think they will get a proven offensive lineman, either a proven OT or OG. I think they will try to keep Larry Allen and see if they can restructure his contract, got to remember that Jerry Jones said they dont want to baby another offensive lineman this year like they had to baby Petti. I would love to see Dallas get Steve Hutchinson from the Seahawks, he is about 28, or so, has about 5 good years left. Of course im dreaming, but heard rumors its the OT from Lions, backus or OT from Packers. If you get a proven OG-OT, kicker, and maybe Terrell Owens, then that leaves options open, not having to draft for need.
    I do think they are going to try to trade either LaGlover or Ellis for a high draft pick, my best thinking is that they trade LaGlover since his contract is so high, if not then its Ellis in a trade for a number 2 pick. Also, remember that when the preseason started Parcells told his scouts to watch Ahmad Brooks, that he wanted all the tapes of him that year, since hes not coming out, I think Parcells is looking at another linebacker. Remember, that was his strength with the Giants, killer linebackers with Carl Banks, and Tarlor, also they had a good MLB in Harry Carson and Brad Van Pelt/
    Draft wise, I was in love with Marcus McNeil but heard about his weight issues and his back problems. I think that McNeil huge OT at 6-9 and 335 falls maybe even out of 1st round maybe like Flozell Adams did. If that happens we may still have shot at him in 2nd round but very ify. Anyway, I see Parcells trading down, this draft is really loaded with the juniors coming out, and taking a linebacker like Bobby Carpenter in lower 1st round or a safety like Huff from Texas. No really good WRs in 1st round. In second round if McNeil is still there, take him or someone OT like him with extra second rounder for trading down. With the other second round pick they take a WR, not sure whom, but thats my guess. With the 3rd pick they take best player available, either another linebacker or another defensive tackle.
    If they do make a trade for LaGlover or Ellis, that maybe used to trade up in the draft to get a specific player or for a 2nd or 3rd rounder in the draft, with that pick, they take another OG or Center to push Al Johnson.
  14. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    I'm there with you. I said trade down just a bit if Ngata isn't there (that would be a miracle if he was there) and pick up an extra 2nd.

    Combine that extra second and Glover or Ellis and pick up a late first or early second giving us either 2 late 1st rounders or a late 1st rounder and a an early 2 and middle 2. (giving us either 2 late first, or a late 1st and early 2 and a middle round 2.)

    Then we can pick up OLB Bobby Carpenter in the late 1st, and the huge DT Gabe Watson in the early 2nd. Pick up OT Daryn Colledge in the middle second and FS Anthony Smith in the 3rd.

    The rest of the Oline can be fixed in FA, and we can bring in an ILB in FA along with a speed receiver and a kicker.
  15. Hiero

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    voted for #2.
  16. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    I think he could pass over McNeil as well, unless he drops after we trade down. I love the Guilles pick, but Lutui is way to fat and slow to go that early. If he's there in the late third then maybe, but he will have problems with speed rushers. I don't mind the Parham pick, he may drop to the 3rd because of the talent around him. But I thought that if Ahmad Brooks had come out, Parcells would definitely have gone in that direction, but since he's not, I think Parcells goes OLB instead.

    I think you have something with the Allen and Rivera thing.
  17. neosapien23

    neosapien23 Well-Known Member

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    Lutui is about 20 ponds overweight, but he still moves well. If Parcells gets scared of his weight, he could take Charles Spencer. Kai Parham is one the the few 3-4 linebackers that can play ILB and OLB. He will not make it outside of the 2nd.
  18. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    Yeah I was noticing that they project him as a tackle because of his shear height/size. He is intriguing, but I know what it's like when you have guys that can move around since these defenders are alot more agile for their size than maybe in the past.
  19. kartr

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    I couldn't agree more. He's been trying to fix the OL for 3 years with little success and we've gotten steadily older and slower on offense. He also doesn't understand the contradiction between drafting one of fastest LB in draft to get to the qb, all the while bringing in one of slowest qbs in the NFL.

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