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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Mike 1967, Dec 6, 2005.

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    I’m predicting that if we average 21 points a game over the next 4 games we will make the playoffs. And if we do not…then we won’t.

    It is almost a given that this team will need to achieve 10 wins to make the playoffs.

    If this proves to be true, then we can only give up 1 loss in the next 4 games. And 2 of those games are on the road.

    In looking at our 7 wins, the Offensive averaged a total of 27 points per game. And this average includes a 16 point output earlier in the year against the Giants (which is pulling the average down).

    In the 5 losses, our defensive has averaged 13 points per game.

    Based on this trend, I believe that wins and losses over the next 4 games is going to be directly tied to how well our offense performs. Specifically, whether or not they can put points on the board.

    6 of the 7 wins came against the following defenses. And the lowest output amongst these 6 games was the 19 points put up against Detroit.

    Following is the rating of the scoring defenses for each of those 5 opponents that make up those 6 wins (Philly was played twice)

    San Francisco – 3rd to last in scoring defense.
    Arizona – 5th to last in scoring defense
    Philadelphia – 8th to last in scoring defense
    Detroit – 18th in scoring defense
    San Diego – 12th in scoring defense.

    Following are the defensive (scoring) ratings on our next 4 opponents.

    Kansas City – 21st Scoring Defense
    Washington – 13th scoring Defense
    Carolina – 3rd Scoring Defense
    St Louis – Last

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    I hear ya but we are only giving up ONE TD per game for the last 8 games or so... we gave up 2 to Denver and thats it.

    I would love to average 21 points. REALLY I WOULD.

    But we can win games with less. Not that I want to. But WE can.
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    I think we need some defense and special teams TD or at least big plays to set up easy field position to have a chance. This offense is just garbage. They have the same game plan every week and it just does not seem to be working. This defense is championship calibre if they offense can just be average we can get into the playoffs. I just hope we dont have to play in carolina again if we do...

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