Prediction: RG3 = Jason Campbell

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Dumbsheet, Dec 26, 2012.

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    You can repeat that stat as many times as you want and it still won't say what you want it to say. The number of times each QB throws it short(under 10 yards) compared to total number of passes he attempts tells you more about scheme and philosophy than the number of completions. The completions tell you more about how good they and their receivers are at executing those schemes.

    I don't recall you ever saying that was the point before. Although those are good things that any QB and offense should strive for, the discussion was always about the particular schemes the Redskins were running this season with RGIII.

    I wouldn't call it a college scheme, but it is a limited scheme. He attempts a lot of short passes. He does so at a higher rate than most other QBs in the league. He does so more than Brady. Just because Brady is better at executing those shorter passes means Brady is running a similar scheme. I do expect over the years as Griffin fully adapts to the NFL they will open up more of the passing game, but it isn't abnormal for rookies to run an abridged version of the playbook that includes a lot of short, safe passes.
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    How long did the wildcat last?

    It made Tony Sparano look like a good coach for a season. It bought him some extra time in Miami before he was canned.

    Sometimes the NFL is slow to catch onto something. However, there is no doubt that RG3 will have to develop and mature at some point to play with the big boys. He does have 2 things in his favor. One, he seems to be smart enough to have a chance while Jason Campell was as dumb as a pile of rocks. Two, with parity in the NFL the level of play is not near as good as it used to be so that is in his favor.
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    You're really comparing Sporano to a 2 time superbowl winning Shanahan?! He's running the same damn offense he ran in Denver that was also successful. Saying it's a one year wonder is just silly, and a very bad case of denial...which I'm sensing a lot of in this thread.

    I can't think of a whole lot of people who ever thought Campbell was the answer, most got hazed for even thinking it on ES. Campbell checked down because he was scared. RG3 checks down because they're wide open with 15 yards to run.
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    It is not a check down if the short route is the first option, which in many instances it is in the current Redskins offensive scheme. That will evolve over the years as Griffin gets better acclimated to the NFL.

    I agree that Griffin is not going to be a one year wonder. He has his head on straight, which is one of the big things a QB needs.
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    Wasn't this very same talk the same last year with Cam Newton? The running QB's generally do pretty well the first year until defenses learn how to gameplan year will be a better gauge on him. They are riding higher on emotion right now rather than overall team talent.
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    And they are bl...oody staunch fellows. :)
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    LOL, I'm so glad you're posting again dumbsheet. It might prompt me to visit a little more :)
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    RG3 is going to either be the next Steve Young albeit much faster or the next Randall Cunningham, either way he's a stud, get used to it.

    Either he'll lead his team to promise or he'll be a one man team that never wins it all but gains loads of personal recognition.

    Whoever brought up Campbell is about as off based as it gets, like comparing Quincy Carter to Tony Romo.
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    LOL, this thread is hilarious. Has Jason Teflon Don Campbell ever had a game where he threw more than 2 TD's?
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    OP is a troll.

    RGIII has more talent in his little finger than Campbell will ever have. Anyone with a head on their shoulders can see that.

    Anyone with a brain can also see that he can make all the throws easily, too. I've seen a couple throws by him this year that were 50-60 yards downfield and were absolute strikes that hit the receiver in stride. Guy is a beast.. simple as that.
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    I'm not entertaining this but I do think Jason Campbell got a tough break in Washington. He constantly had a different playboook each year and a new coach. He was destined to fail. And i'd love for RGIII to be the next Jason Campbell, it just simply isn't true. Two different qb's. Two different players. Two different types of potential. I sure would love for RGIII to fail but I see no signs of it yet.
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    Terrible comparison.

    RGIII is better than Campbell by a large margin.
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    Wow, just wow.
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    More incorrect comments about the redskins offense. The short route has never been the first option on a typical passing play in Kyle Shanahan's offense. It was the main issue that Mcnabb kept messing up in the games. This offense is essentially Kyle's offense in a pistol formation, with the read option added in to take advantage of Griffin's rushing. This is why the offense had no miscues as Cousins came in and ran it minus the pistol formation.

    Griffin's first read is mostly a mid range(10-15 yards) or long range pass, his last option is checking down to the WR or FB out in the flat. This has been proven, with links to former nfl QBs speaking on this to pictures of plays debunking the "one read offense" or "only throws short nonsense. Is the truth of what Griffin is doing in this offense so hard to accept?
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    They aren't running a typical passing Shanahan offense. They have mixed in some elements to help Griffin adjust to the NFL. A wide receiver slip screen is a play where the short route is the first option. That isn't hard to understand and accept. That doesn't mean every single play is designed in that manner, but there are a certain percentage of play that are. That is true for any offense or QB. It is just a little higher for the Redskins thus far this season. I expect that to evolve the more experience Griffin gets. The playbook will open up.

    It is not unusual for any rookie QB to run a limited variation of the team's offense. Griffin as good as he is, is no different. He is still learning the NFL game and the coaches recognized that and adjusted accordingly.
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    As I mentioned before a few weeks back, 222 of 308 does not make 81%. The correct answer is 72%. Or in other words, LESS than RGIII 74.6%.
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    Anyone who makes this prediction or comparison is insane. Campbell isn't/wasn't ever anywhere near Griffin in ability , leadership, accuracy, athleticism ,smarts, and especially pocket presence. Insane post . I thought this place might have knowledgable football folks. I was wrong. There , are good forums in here though.
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    Did Jason Campbell ever make the Pro Bowl? ;)

    Maybe the OP want to suggest a bunch of people were smoking something funny when they selected RGIII to the Pro Bowl.
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    Question: What is one result of a designed play action roll out pass?
    Answer: It cuts the field in HALF, making the field easier to read and opens up passing lanes, right? That's the truth of what Shanahan is doing. Why is that so hard for you to accept that?

    IF, in fact, it IS the same offense that was used in Denver just in a different formation, then why the surprise of Alfred Morris? Look at the list of guys who have had 1,000 yd seasons under that offense, Morris becomes JAG all of a sudden then...

    Essentially what Skins fans would have you believe is that you could easily take RG out of the read option offense, and put him in Dallas and he would excel at the same rate that he is right now. Even with Dallas' 31st rushing attack, even with the horrid offensive line play and even with the lack of creativity in the offense RG would still complete an amazing amount of his passes and have minimal interceptions. It's not the scheme at all, they say. Put him in Romo's shoes for a season where all pass routes are 10-15 yards down field and you must dodge defenders as you go through your reads... And one last thing, YOU CANNOT USE PLAYACTION because you have no threat of a run game....

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