Predictions on the rest of the season after Eagles game?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lane, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    what will happen if we win?

    what if we lose?
  2. DavidAK

    DavidAK New Member

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    I don't have the slightest freaking idea..Final answer.
  3. Dodger

    Dodger Indomitable

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    I predict more mediocrity...whether we win or lose.
  4. EGG

    EGG Well-Known Member

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    This team can be very hard to predict for a given Sunday,,, but if we're predicting what the rest of the season will look like, that's easy, it will look like last year and the year before that,,, and the year before that,,, etc. I've seen this movie before and didn't really care for the ending. Kinda like Old Yeller or Brian's Song :(

    But, let's leave this on a bright note,,, that Bruce Carter looks like the real deal,,, :)
  5. Cowboys&LakersFan

    Cowboys&LakersFan Benched

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    Cowboys will win tommorow, go 6-1 the rest of the way, then pull off a New York Giants esque playoff run, shock the world and win the Super Bowl. :D
  6. CaptainMorgan

    CaptainMorgan Well-Known Member

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    This whole organization is in total disarray and its going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better.
  7. DavidAK

    DavidAK New Member

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    But if you look at the statistical data and the current trend based on.........

    Awe what the hell! :toast2:
  8. lane

    lane The Chairman

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    bruce carter gives me hope no doubt.

    looked like navarro bowman out there last week.
  9. Dodger

    Dodger Indomitable

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    Right now, Bruce Carter is the most exciting Cowboys player to watch. Period.
  10. Champsheart

    Champsheart Active Member

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    Gotta love what we are seeing from Bruce Carter. I mean really if this organization and offense can put things together in the next couple years this defense really has some things going for it.

    Mo C
    Brent - which I really think is showing he is coming along
    Hopefully a healthy Ratliff
    Those are some nice pieces to work with. This defense needs a playmaker at Safety and DE and it could be something special.

    Offense, geez, we need some pieces here. WR-Guard-Tackle-RB(we need something behind Murray bad) and a 3rd wr needed bad - I am almost thinking this year we have to hope what we saw from Costa play continues and can be healthy. Gosh I dont know, this offense is a mess. Might have to bank on Cole or Coale to develop. We can not get it all.
  11. Zman5

    Zman5 Well-Known Member

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    I see a team playing hard and a team that is playing confused. We have good players. Unfortunately we don't have good coaching. I see JG still making coaching mistakes which will cost us a game or two.

    I think we go 5-3 at best which will put us at 8-8 at the end.

    THUMPER Papa

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    My sentiments exactly! :starspin
  13. big dog cowboy

    big dog cowboy THE BIG DOG Staff Member

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    We play Cleveland next week.
  14. Shunpike

    Shunpike Well-Known Member

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    If Dallas wins today, they are serious contenders for the division. I expect a loss against Bengals for us today. If you win, you will be just 1 game behind us on the loss column. Rest of our schedule is brutal and your schedule gets easier.

    I was told that first rule of being a Giants fan is to hate Eagles.

    So as much as I hate the Eagles, I will support them today.
  15. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    The end result will be the same. Watching the playoffs with the GM talking about insignificant change to try to create interest for next year.
  16. Risen Star

    Risen Star Likes Collector Zone Supporter

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    Root for who you wish, but what you just said about the Cowboys also applies to the Eagles and the Eagles hold a head to head tiebreaker advantage over the Giants right now. The Cowboys don't.
  17. Dave_in-NC

    Dave_in-NC Well-Known Member

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    Beating the Eagles is always fun. Measuring where we are if we do? They are in just as bad a shape as we are.
  18. noshame

    noshame I'm not dead yet......

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    There are 2 things I've learned about this team. There is no such thing as a sure bet, whether it's on winning or losing.

    Along with, what happens one week has absolutely nothing to do with the next! :laugh2:
  19. PA Cowboy Fan

    PA Cowboy Fan Well-Known Member

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    That is so true. After the Cowboys beat the Giants, I think most fans felt pretty good about the team. Look what happened.
  20. Mansta54

    Mansta54 Well-Known Member

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    Maaaaan I sure do like how you're thinking on this post. :)

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