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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by a_minimalist, Aug 12, 2012.

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    I would prefer that the 1st round pick be a:

    Pass-rusher - Need an SOLB to rush the passer and play the run. Also, a a 3-4 DE with elite pass-rush skills would be great to acquire.

    Center - Assuming that the pick is in the later part of the round.

    CB - Yes, this seems crazy to most people. The 3rd CB is almost a starter and the 4th CB usually gets significant playing time. Ryan's defense needs top notch CBs.
    Scandrick is ok, but not great.
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    I wouldn't mind going G/C early but this draft has the potential to be very top heavy at the Safety position; McDonald, Jefferson, Reid, Vacarro, Lester, Rambo, Shawn Williams, etc. I think we can be OK with Church and Sensabaugh as long as we scheme around their weaknesses... but that wouldn't stop me from grabbing a difference maker if he's the best player on the board. I think McDonald and Jefferson have the chance to be special players in the NFL.
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    Well said. I'm not for drafting solely on need. I agree that that has proven to be ineffective. I just think need always plays a factor in the first few rounds no matter how small a factor it is. Obviously reaching for someone like Bruce Irvin in the first is stupid. I'm in no way saying that should be done.
  4. a_minimalist

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    I'd be okay with this as of right now. I'd substitute CB with FS though.

    I could def see us snagging a NT, DE or SOLB with our first.

    Respectdatstar made a really good point in his post too about or first round pick.
  5. Eskimo

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    You can't just think of need on the roster.

    You also have to consider how you manage salary cap dollars and whether it makes sense to cave into Spencer's likely ludicrous salary demands of $10M/yr for multiple years for a guy who is 29 years old and not an accomplished pass rusher.

    For that reason I'd put OLB at #1 since we don't have one for next year unless Albright, Butler or Wilber step up this year.

    I see our needs assuming Spencer, Jenkins and Felix are not brought back, Matt Johnson shows some potential this year and Kowalski comes back:

    1. OLB
    2. C
    3. NT
    4. OG
    5. RB
    5. CB
    6. DE
    7. S

    Now how we draft will have at least as much to do with who is available when we are on the clock as our perceived needs go. What a great GM needs to do once prospects are rated and the draft boards are built is know when it makes sense to go up and get your guy or when it makes sense to trade down because the offer and potential players available later are worth more than the current pick based on your draft board and what other team's needs and draft boards are likely to look like between the pick and you have the picks you are trading for.
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    Aaron Rodgers waves hello from the green room.
  7. a_minimalist

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    I'm starting to question if they will even think about Center if Cook appears to be solid. Maybe a Guard but knowing Jerry he'll be very happy with Cook, don't forget he was fine with Costa.

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