Preseason Cowboys Chargers via Sopcast Pregame Prep

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by STAR GAZER, Aug 9, 2008.


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    Thought I'd give you a heads up for those interested.

    I got my Sopcast account reinstated so I'm good to go.

    This is a private broadcast exclusive to the forums that I traffic. So seeders are needed. What is a seeder? Anyone who is watching the broadcast is a seeder. How does this benefit the viewer? Everyone watching is providing bandwidth, so the stream will improve as more viewers camp onto the stream. Why is it private? Because when it is made public in the Channel line-up at Sopcast, it draws unwanted attention and risks being terminated.

    I will create a new thread in this forum earlier than usual. So those of you who wish to view a little of NFL Network can do so. Another benefit would be that we can attract more seeds prior to game time. This will help to get the stream more stable before game time.

    Stay tuned.

    BTW here are the requirements for viewing, and the download for the software.........

    A. Introduction

    The manual briefly teach the users how to install and use the SopCast software.
    Anyone who is interested in video streaming can download SopCast and try it. Now the software is free for use. Anyone can get the lastest software copy from our site.

    B. System Requirement

    To run the SopCast Software, the following requirement is needed:
    1. Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Linux. See detail.
    2. At least 64M System Memory, 128M System Memory is recommended.
    3. At least 10M Harddisk space.
    4. Install Microsoft Media Player 9.0 above RealPlayer or other media player which can play streaming.
  2. DaBoys4Life

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    I don't understand but i'd be willing to help since I want to watch this game since we don't have NFL network since we moved =/
  3. DallasFanSince86

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    I'll be one of the seeders for you.

    I'll check back later tonight for the link.

    Thanks for all you do, STAR GAZER.
  4. RicInAustin

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    cant wait...thanks again!
  5. HoustonSucks

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    I'm foaming at the mouth. Bring it!


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    Thanks bro.

    If you want to watch it live, just click on the download que for the software. And look for the thread that contains the channel link. It will be ready in a few hours time.
  7. DaBoys4Life

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    aight cool I can't wait
  8. Hypnotoad

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    Is there any ports that need opening or anything to improve seeding upload speeds?
  9. sago1

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    Appreciate all your time & work Star Gazer. Will keep my fingers crossed that everything works out. Got a chance to see several preseason games last year and when not possible I listened on kick or bones.

    May even try channelsurfing early along with sopcast so I've got at least one available when game starts. If not, fall back to kick or bones or that other Dallas station (Catholic?) which gets the video feed.
  10. AussieFan

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    Happy to seed. Waiting for link.

    STAR GAZER Benched

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    No, just copy and paste the channels address into the address bar at the top of the Sopcast application. Then click on the arrow button next to the address bar.

    I'll be providing that in the new thread a little later.

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