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Preseason Week 1 Cowboys Raiders (video torrent download)

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by STAR GAZER, Aug 14, 2010.


    STAR GAZER Benched

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    If you are unfamiliar with torrents view this video tutorial for support.

    To connect to the video file for download, visit this download page.... Click Here

    If you don't have torrent software to download the video click on the "DOWNLOAD NOW" bar to install the application and connect to the video.

    If you already have a torrent client then chose the download cue beneath the "DOWNLOAD NOW" bar.
  2. theogt

    theogt Surrealist Zone Supporter

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    Thanks, SG. Looks like it will only be 15 weeks and 1 day before it finishes downloading. ;)

    STAR GAZER Benched

    2,047 Messages
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    I see that several of you have exceeded downloading 25% of the video. Please continue to seed once you have completed the download. Other members will appreciate your support.

    Thanks guys. :D

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