Pressure on P. Manning

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Verdict, Nov 21, 2006.

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    I was at the Cowboys/Colts game in person, and have not seen the replay as of yet. It looked like we got more pressure on Manning than we have pressured the QBs in other games. I have seen the thread that quotes Parcells as saying we didn't blitz all that much. If that is true, did our big bodied front seven dominate the Colts' finesse type smaller offensive linemen? It sure looked like that if we did not blitz more, that the blitzes we did make were more effective.
  2. Wezsh0T

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    I thought we blitzed more, but apparently I was wrong. It seems that the best thing we did was disguise which guy was rushing in the base defense better than we had. The Hatcher/Ware and Burnett/Ware combos on third down seem to be pretty effective.
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    We blitzed only 6 times in the first half. The INT and the sack and the other pressures in the game were all caused when we were not blitzing. When we did blitz the Colts average some 6+ yards per play.
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    we really blitz every play cause we rarely rush just our linemen. we always bring atleast 1lb.
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    i think we let our linemen cut loose a little more, which is to say they were'nt primarily concerned with stopping the run first on every single play. they knew Indy was primarily a passing offense, so their duties in this game were primarily to shut it down. stopping the run became less of an issue, perhaps, so they could set their sights on Manning. just a thought...

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