Pretty good Wade interview with Houston radio station

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by Chocolate Lab, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Thanks, great interview.
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    You could hear Wade's reluctance to talk about the running back situation, when asked about Felix Jones getting more involved in the offense, before he started talking. He takes a deep breath and goes, ummm....

    Then Phillips jumps into a defense of Marion Barber (how he's looked in OTAs and mini-camp, ect...) and pretty much talks about Dallas' rushing yards and the value of the 3 backs. Phillips wouldn't talk about how dominant Felix Jones was during the stretch run which doesn't include the Thanksgiving game.

    However, Wade left out Barber's 8 carries for 14 yards against the Vikings.

    Felix Jones was running very well in that game and ended with 14 carries for 69 yards. I would have liked to have seen around (at least) 4 more carries for Felix in that game, because he was one run away from lighting them up. Plus, the game was close most of the game.

    Wade said they would go with the "hot hand" at running back, so I'm still cautiously optimistic about Felix Jones getting his due and the football 15-16 times per game. (rushes) That is on average.

    I've seen this before with Ellis and Spencer, especially during 2008. Ellis' ego is propped up by the head coach, and Spencer's impact on the games is limited. Hmm. Anthony Spencer developed into a dominant force as a pass rusher when Ellis was booted out of here. Hmm.. Mike Jenkins became a Pro Bowl player....

    Hey, Wade.

    Felix Jones had the "hot hand" in Minnesota, but Marion Barber just had to get his 8 carries for 14 yards.

    The Cowboys have the talent to make a run at the Super Bowl (again). However, if they don't play the Joker enough and play him right, they will not even get a bye, and you can forget the Super Bowl.

    It took this coaching staff until week 5 to start Miles Austin, and he ended up being one of the best WRs in the NFL in 2009.

    It took them until week 3 to name Mike Jenkins as the starter in 2009. Jenkins went to the Pro Bowl. The way they handled Jenkins in 2008 was poor.

    If the coaches can't manage their personnel right, then, Jerry Jones is gong to be a very disappointed person this year.

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