pretty sure cowboys missed on this kid (3rd WR)..

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by newlander, Aug 16, 2012.

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    but then so did ALOT of teams this past April: I saw this guy play for 4 years: if he stays healthy, he's going to be really special........

    Schaub: “He’s extremely quiet; he reminds me of Andre when I first got here. You couldn’t beat two words out of him. Same thing with Keshawn, but I like that about him. He’s just a worker. From the time he came in here, he doesn’t say anything -- a couple things here and there maybe -- but he does the right things, he’s in the right spots. It’s almost like he’s a third- or fourth-year veteran. He understands what we are doing. He gets lined up, he knows his routes, he knows his adjustments. He doesn’t have hardly any MAs [missed assignments], which is odd for a young receiver. You don’t see that because we ask our receivers to do some much in the pass and run game. We’re excited about what he brings after the catch. He’s got catch-and-run ability and an ability to separate from DBs. He’s got confidence with his hands, he attacks the ball with his hands; he’s not a body catcher.
    Joseph: “From Day 1, he showed up to me. He’s got great feet, great quickness, great burst. It’s not too big for him, he’s a great worker. He can catch the ball in traffic. Keshawn Martin is an NFL receiver.”
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    There will always be guys we "missed" on. Was he available when we drafted? If so, who did we pick in front of him?

    Every draft your going to have a handful of guys each round that would have been draft choices.
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    The kid has serious speed. I'm a huge Badgers fan and it killed me to watch this guy play at Michigan State. He torched our defense and looked like the fastest guy on the field.
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    I was really bummed we didn't draft him, I was hoping he would fall more in the draft. He was the one receiver that made a lot of sense for a #3.

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