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Discussion in 'Fantasy Sports Zone' started by BARRYRAY, Sep 1, 2005.


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    At lunch I was thumbing a couple fantasy league mags, interestingly they had Key at like #38, Glenn at #54 and guess who was #55--Price, they had Bryant at like #44 or so, Price would be at least a minor upgrade to our wr's and it looks like we need all we can get, bet he ends up here, among the cuts he was one of the best buys, Warrick was too expensive and would need more than a one year I bet...
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    If Bryant was #44 or so, where is the guy that we traded him for, Morgan?

    I bet I already know.

    Lets say that we do sign Price. With him being at #55 and Morgan not even on the list, simple math says we improve at the WR position. Because lets face it, Morgan isn't going to make the team even if we don't sign Price.

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    I'm pretty sure those fantasy mags were projecting his ranking based on playing with Vick, WC offense, #1 role etc.. No way he's that low playing as a #2-3 with Bledsoe. Can't read to deeply into a fantasy ranking right now.

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