Price versus Morgan

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Nors, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Sarge

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    I feel the opposite - I have SO much seen enough of this guy (Morgan). He simply can't catch the ball on a regular basis. Not in his tenure at Cleveland and not here.

    Not only is he a waste of a roster spot, if he plays thursday, he'd be taking experience away from others like Crayton et al.
  2. Nors

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    Price - I watched him a lot in 2002. He and Bledsoe really clicked. He is very dangerous after the catch. A constant threat to break a big play. He had 95 catches and 1250 yards. He was not a good fit in Atlanta. He'd be a stud depth WR for us.

    Bledsoe - Parcells - get this done fast.
  3. Waffle

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    Unless his skills have deteriorated rapidly since 2002, I say let's get him!
  4. MarionBarberThe4th

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    So hypotthetically, how would your depth charts look?


    1 Key
    2 Glenn
    3 Crayton
    4 Price
    5 Crowder/ Copper

    Trade Morgan for a half decent vet OLB, or a 5th rounder.
  5. JDSmith

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    I doubt Price would come here to be the 4th WR. And I don't want to demote Crayton, I think he's earned his spot and he's got a chance to develop into a very good WR if he gets the playing time.
  6. Mike 1967

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    I would hate to see that happen.

    Would like to see Craytons performance in consistent real time action...not spot action.

    He has come through every time in both preseason and real games. This guy could be the best possession receiver currently on our roster.
  7. silver

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    man o man. last year we were the '98 jets and now we want to be the 2002 bills.

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