Prisco: Ranking every NFL head coach, from Bill Belichick to the Class of 2017

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    Ranking every NFL head coach, from Bill Belichick to the Class of 2017

    You know Bill Belichick sits at the top of the coaching profession, but who slots in at No. 2?

    Call it the great coaching divide. That ís what we have in the NFL today. There ís New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, and the rest -- no matter how you stack them -- are way, way, way behind.

    Belichick is arguably the greatest coach of all time, a sentiment bolstered by continued success in the era of free agency and roster turnover. Of course, Tom Brady cures almost any ills and allows Belichick to be bold with his roster, but even so he is a detail freak who gets the most out of his players and is unreal when it comes to game planning.

    Add all that to his five Super Bowl rings and Belichick is the obvious No. 1 on my list ranking current coaches from 1-32. Nobody else is in the conversation and it's not because there aren't plenty of good coaches in this league.

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    I dont have a problem with where he places Garrett. I do think he way over rates Tomlin. Pagano seems high also, hear on a weekly basis he is about to get fired.
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    Tomlin has been in two SBs, three AFC title games, won a SB and has won nearly 65% of his games. He's not a stretch at 5.
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    17. Jason Garrett... about right, IMO.
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    McCarthy at 2 meanwhile I've never seen a coach do less with an all time QB. Might as well just say:

    2. Aaron Rodgers

    edit: Adam Gase at 8??? what
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    I know it's unpopular, but I'd have Garrett ranked higher. Bill Obrien at 10 lol
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    O'Brien has the same number of playoff wins as Garrett and in half the time. And while he has coached in the weak AFC South, the NFCE hasn't been ball busters either AND O'Brien has not had a QB the caliber of Romo either.

    O'Brien is a better coach than Garrett IMO. Way too soon to prop Gase up at 8 though. I could see putting Garrett in the 10-13 range.

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    Well, I don't put much stock into these kinds of things because any one of those guys win a Super Bowl and they immediately shoot up into the top 10.

    I will say this, it's interesting to see where they rank all of the NFC East HCs. Garrett is the highest rated of any of them but still in all, the entire NFC East is rated pretty low. Garrett is the most Senior of all of those coaches and they are all ranked in the bottom half and most, closer to the bottom. That's interesting to me......
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    Garrett too high
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  10. Alexander

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    Gase after one season is at #8?

    And Bill O'Brien really is at #10?

    Just looking at this list and those at the top really reminds you that head coaches are like QBs. There are not enough good ones to go around.
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    Gase is really awesome.

    He's basically everything Chip Kelly claimed to be.

    edit: but yeah McCarthy is super overrated if that's the case
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    Pagano not being in bottom 10 is the biggest what to me.
  13. cowboyblue22

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    garrett is a little high but close to where he really is as a coach
  14. Yakuza Rich

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    Gase has a lot to prove. Basically got by on playing a very weak schedule.

    I don't think McCarthey is super overrated, but I think he's overrated here. I think in fan and media circles he's usually very underrated. Completely turned around the Packers when he took over and then seamlessly transitioned from Favre to Rodgers which is wayyyy harder than people think. I would put him probably around #5 and he's trending downward due to the issues they've had on offense, but he's still a pretty darn good HC.

    I think Andy Reid is overrated. He's a good coach, but his 'great' years were when the NFC East was drumming out coaches like Spurrier, Campo and Fassel (his record against +.500 teams with the Eagles was abysmal). I'd probably put Reid around 6-9 as he hasn't had playoff success with the Chiefs. Type of coach that can get your team on the right track and develop a good 'program', but I really wonder if he can win the big one and at this point I wonder if he can even reach the SB again.

    I think it's time to start calling Sean Payton overrated. With Drew Brees at QB, they've gone 7-9 in 4 of their last 5 seasons. His development of offensive players has been lacking and he's always struggled with developing a defense.

    I think Bill O'Brien gets brownie points for being an ex-Belichick guy and being surly. Not sure what his offense has done and he's responsible for it. And you mean to tell me that his defense with JJ Watt and Jadaveon Clowney (a former #1 overall pick) is good? What a surprise.

    Tough to get a read on Pagano. He was given a horrendous team that was only good because of Peyton Manning's brilliance. He does have Andrew Luck and went 22-10 in his first 2 years, but statistically speaking they were a poor team that relied on an inordinate amount of fumbles being recovered. Now they are an 8-8 team. Would like to think he could develop better talent, but you also have the Jim Irsay factor. I would probably move him at middle of the pack for now.

    When was the last time that Mike Zimmer won a playoff game as either a D-Coordinator or a head coach? I can tell you it was when Bill Clinton was El Presidente. Yet they rave about this man like no tomorrow.

    I couldn't, in good conscious, rank Zimmer over Marvin Lewis. And my gut tells me that Marvin Lewis is better than John Fox right now. Fox blew it with Peyton Manning and just seemed to lose it in his latter years with the Panthers. He's far better than Marc Trestman, but I see him as a cheap hire for the Bears while they try to find that one head coach they really want.

    I think Doug Marrone is far better than given credit for. And I think Todd Bowles is likely better than he's rated, but I can understand his rating.

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    This list is awful
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    I'm sorry but how do you put Rivera over Garrett when he has four losing seasons out of six...?

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